Top 7 Best online shopping websites in Pakistan 2022

What’s up, guys? Are you searching for the best online shopping websites in Pakistan? Then you are in the right place

today; I will introduce you to the Top 7 best online shopping websites in Pakistan 2022 that will fully respond to your query

look; shopping was once considered a boring, time taking, and procrastination task because it required serious human effort to do. Still, thanks to technology today, we can virtually visit our famous brand, check the necessary product with a desired price and order it by sitting in our home for less than seconds.

The online shopping culture has boomed in Pakistan and as well as in the world due to Covid 19 research has been presented that 19% of Pakistanis buy at least one product online each year, and this indicates that there are almost 15 million potential customers by the end of 2023.

By seeing this data, many brands entered the E-commerce ecosystem to fill the gap. They successfully earned a reputation due to its quality service.

So, today I will sort out the Top 7 best online shopping websites in Pakistan 2022 where you can do shopping trusty.

Top 7 best online shopping websites in Pakistan 2022

  4. home
  6. Naheed.Pk



The top, most booming, and authentic online shopping website in the Pakistani E-commerce industry is daraz.Pk. It is a Bangladesh-based startup launched in Pakistan in 2012 and currently operates in South Asia under the command of Alibaba.

It is the most trusted online shopping platform where there are almost 13 million active users, and around 30,000 sellers are managing this all traffic. Usually, daraz act as a middle man like it connect the brand and the local sellers with customers due to its innovative platform, and it just provides the platform.

Moreover, daraz claims that it has around 40 million active users at the end of 2021 due to covid 19. daraz is also known for its various product discounts on different occasions and has earned its reputation because of its extraordinary service and trust. It offers a wide range of products, from clothes, electronics, gadgets, healthcare, fitness, and beauty.

It seems that daraz is copying the strategy of the famous brand amazon. The best part about the daraz is that it offers a seven-day warranty on broken products. Based on the data and reviews, most people recommend daraz for ordering, and it has been perfect talking about my experience with daraz. It has been excellent. usually, I order at least one product a month, and it always  becomes a nice experience every time


The most trending ecommerce company in a short period is It has done well for a couple of years. It is a famous ecommerce company launched on Oct 20, 2015, and it operates in south Asia to disrupt daraz because of its unique strategies.

The unique selling point of Is that they introduce discounts on most products on their platform, so users visit and purchase them frequently.

Furthermore, they have the fastest delivery system; usually, they give same-day delivery because users are diverted from other platforms to this. According to a similar web, there are approximately 100,000 monthly active users. The mission of states that “safe, hassle-free, and easy shopping experience for users”


Another tycoon operating in the e-commerce segment is Telemart, considered the fastest growing and viral e-commerce platform.

Many people think it is the newest e-commerce platform, but to be honest, it is one of the oldest e-commerce platforms operating for 25 years.

Furthermore, they started their career by selling mobile phones. Still, today they are expanding their product list from electronics to beauty, etc.

Moreover, according to a similar web, they have almost 300,000 monthly active users purchasing products from this platform.

The unique strategy of this platform for being viral is the buy now pay later model. Because of this model, they are expanding day by day.

Secondly, there are approximately 150,000 products on this platform, with the majority of positive reviews from users. Based on my research, it is the best site to buy PTA-approved mobile phones because they have original stock and quality services.

Home shopping.Pk

best-online-shopping-websites-in-Pakistan is another pioneering startup playing in the ecommerce industry. This startup operates only in one niche: Consumer electronic majority, known for its extraordinary mobile selling service.

Moreover, it is a trusted online store with almost 270,000 monthly active users, according to Similarweb. This startup has millions of products, and the categories they offers are Mobile Phones & Tablets, Cameras, TV & Video, Computers & and laptops, Home Appliances, etc.

The unique thing about home shopping is that it allows you to buy products from Amazon and eBay, and when you buy them, they will deliver them to you in Pakistan. If any product is broken or damaged, they have seven days return policy.

IShopping.Pk is another authentic online startup in the ecommerce ecosystem. Launched This startup in 2010, and now they have 51 to 200 employees.

The main thing about shopping is that they do not offer third-party vendors to sell on their platform. Rather they sell authentic and original brand products to customers.

As of Feb 2022, they have almost 600,000 monthly active users. They practically every category of products in their store, from electronics to health and beauty, etc.

They have a wide range of delivery partners like TCS, leopard, movex, and m&p. They also provide a same-day delivery system in some cities like Karachi. They have a nice return policy.

Naheed. pk


Naheed.Pk is an e-commerce project of Naheed Supermarket. Naheed. Pk is also a leading ecommerce startup operating in Pakistan since 2018, and it has brought a j-curved in its business for a couple of years; today, there are almost 50 million employees, and they have a total of 400,000  monthly active users.

According to the similar web, it ranks 2nd in eCommerce & Shopping (In Pakistan). The main thing about its rapid growth is that they have the fastest delivery system across Pakistan.

They have a wide range of products in their catalog, from Groceries & Pets, Health & Beauty, Phones & Tablets, Electronic Accessories, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Medical & Nutrition, and Kids & Babies, etc.

best-online-shopping-websites-in-Pakistan is another booming e-commerce store operating only on consumer electronics. It has built its reputation by offering quality service on electronics.

This startup has 205,000 monthly active users. This startup also uses buy now pay later like it gives installment opportunities to most of its products, and daily, they have great deals on the products.

The most selling categories of shopping are iPhones, MacBooks, laptops, and headphones. If you want to buy smartphones, android, or iOS, then I think that is the best option for you because it has the fastest delivery system and excellent customer care; they usually respond to your query in minutes.

so, I think this is the best option for beginners to purchase mobile phones or other electronic gadgets in cash on delivery and installment.


Q1: Which app is best for online shopping in Pakistan?

Ans: If you are asked about the best app for online shopping in Pakistan at any time, I recommend you go with Daraz. Pk because it is the best and leading eCommerce company in Pakistan. You can purchase anything without hesitation because they have authentic service.

Q2: Which is the best online shopping site?

Ans: The best online shopping site in the world is no doubt Amazon, but if you talk about Pakistan, then daraz. Pk is the best one.

Q3: Which online shopping site has cash on delivery in Pakistan?

Ans: Most of the online stores in Pakistan give freedom of cash on delivery like Daraz, and Home shopping. Pk, shopping. Pk and Telemark etc.

Q4: Where can I buy clothes online in Pakistan?

Ans: Well, there are many online shopping stores where you can buy clothes online, but I recommend you go with because it is a trustful brand.

Q5: online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery?

Ans: There are many online shopping sites where you can get free home delivery, like Daraz. Pk, Telemart, and home shopping. It sometimes depends on their offer; sometimes they do not; it also depends on your buying budget. If your shopping budget exceeds their criteria, they can provide you with free home delivery.


At last, I hope that you have enjoyed the article and learned about the best online shopping sites in Pakistan as of 2022 and their performance and rating in the market. I hope it has solved your query about the best

online shopping sites in Pakistan. Now you can freely do shopping from the websites mentioned above without hesitation and if you liked the article,

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