10 Best ways to make money online as a teenager 2023


One of the burning problems each 2 out of 3 teenagers faced in their life Is finance because at this age a person goes through extreme challenges related to health, education, relationship, and career, and if one

belongs to a poor family then it becomes impossible for him to get an education ultimately this situation forces him to become a child laborer and start earning to support himself as well as his family but thanks to

technology today there are many websites that pay you real money for working for them and from which millions of teenagers give some time there too earn something and from that money, they are supporting

themselves as well as their family. so like this today in this article I will give you 12 authentic and legit websites to make money as a teenager. So, let’s explore these sites

How much you can earn from these websites?

Well, there is no constant figure related to how much you can make money from these websites it totally depends upon you that how much you give time to and how smart are you to various tasks efficiently but on

average, you could earn 10$ to 20$ per Day for working 2 to 3 hours. moreover, these figures cannot be always accurate sometimes you could earn more than that by working less, or sometimes you can earn less

than that mark for working more. Now it depends totally on you but Ima damn sure that if you will seriously work here then you can bare your financial expenses.

Websites to make money as a teenager

  1. Review Stream
  2. Green Panthera
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Toptenz
  5. Grab Points
  6. Micro workers
  7. Transitions Abroad
  8. My Survey
  9. Inbox Dollars
  10. User Testing

Review Stream


This is one of my favorite and most easy way to earn money online basically in a review stream platform all you need to do is just make an account after selecting the categories in which you are interested or

passionate about after that select the product or services you have used in your life or if not just research about that product after that write an authentic and honest review related to that product after that the team

of review stream will review your work and if selected then they pay you 5$ to 18$ per content isn’t it is interesting? No, it depends on you how persuading and effective reviews you write and how many reviews

you tried to get approved after that your balance is sent to you through PayPal. Furthermore, you get 2% of the earnings of the user who joined through your referral link.

Why to work for the Review stream?

  • The trusted platform which has authentically worked since 2005
  • High payouts
  • Fast and amazing customer service

Green Panthera


One of the popular websites in the field of polling, surveys and cashback is green Panthera but is famously known for its surveys basically once you make an account in green Panthera that there will be too many

surveys available to do after that select the one which your rare convenient to do and once you complete the survey, they pay you 70 cents on per survey furthermore, they have also a registration bonus once you make

an account, they give you 5 Euro directly to your account. Once you reached the threshold of 30 euros then they pay you via PayPal.

Why to work for Green Panthera

  • Gives 10% of each referral
  • Authentic platform
  • Fast payout usually in 1 business day



One of the most used and trusted platforms to earn unlimited money is Swagbucks basically in swag bucks you can earn money through different things like watching videos, completing surveys, inviting friends,

playing games, etc. Basically, whenever you make an account in swag bucks and do the task then you will be rewarded with their official points known as Swagbucks and you can use these swag bucks points as a gift

card in more than 1500+ retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Adidas, etc. Moreover, you can also redeem these points into cash approximately 18,000 Swagbucks points are worth 100 euros and then these euros can be

sent to your PayPal account. It seems like too many points but believes me it is easy to earn this point because there are various easy and simple ways from which you can earn too many Swagbucks.

Why to work for Swagbucks?

  • Many ways to gain points
  • The trusted platform according to Trustpilot
  • 5$ registration bonus



Another amazing platform to earn money as a teenager is by working with toptenz basically it is a top 10-based website where you will only get top 10 related blog posts like top 10 cars, top 10 celebrities, etc.

The way you can make money from toptenz is that you have to write an article for any of the searchable keywords related to the top 10 for a minimum of 1500 words article after that you have to submit that article

to toptenz mail with your mail as well as your PayPal account address once your article gets approved then they can pay you 50$ per article like this you can make lots of money with toptenz

Why to work for Toptenz

  • The highest payout is usually 50$ for 1 article
  • Secure and authentic platform
  • Fast payment usually in 1 to 2 business days

Grab Points


One of the highest-paid survey websites I ever used in my life is grabbing point basically it is also a trusted website to perform surveys where there are various surveys once you complete the surveys you get paid in

grab points and 1000 grab Points are equal to 1$. moreover, there are 1000 to 1500+ points surveys each in this platform which you can do in minutes to earn a good amount of money furthermore there are various

ways to earn points, doing surveys, watching videos, inviting friends to play games, etc. And once you made 3$ or 3000 grab points then you can withdraw this money from your PayPal account

and this can be done within 24 to 48 hours.

Why to work for Grab points

  • Many ways to earn grab points
  • Free to join
  • low payment threshold

Micro workers


One of the best part-time earning websites on the web is micro workers as it is inferred from the micro name workers means that there would be a small task to perform. Like, once you sign up as micro workers you get

1$ bonus after that there will be different tasks shown to you after that select the one which pays you more as well as the success rate

moreover, there will be tasks like downloading the app, watching XYZ video or playing

game, give a review, etc. furthermore, they pay the highest money in doing surveys per survey you can earn up to 1$ to 2$ and once you reach the threshold of 10$

then you can withdraw this money directly from your PayPal account.

Why to work for micro workers

  • Easy task and surveys in this platform which usually takes 5 to 10 minutes to perform
  • Authentic and trusted platform
  • Low payment threshold

Transitions Abroad

The best paying site related to content in the world is transitioning abroad basically it is travel based website where you have to write content related to destinations abroad, work abroad, studies abroad, culture abroad,

etc. especially if you are living in the US, UK or other premium countries then it would be easy for you to write about your area. Moreover, this site pays up to 75$ to 150$ per article of 1000 to 1500 words, and the

potential of the article to generate traffic if your content is unique, interesting, and problem-solving. furthermore, this site organizes an annual writing contest where they pay 500$ for the 1st position 150$ 2nd

position, and 100$ for the 3rd position. They pay your money through PayPal once you reached the 100$ threshold

Why to work for Transitions abroad

  • High paying website
  • Trusted and good rating
  • Anyone forms the globe can work.

My Survey

Mysurvey.com is also a leading market research company that pays users for doing surveys whenever you make an account on mysurvey.com there will be various surveys you can do to earn money the best thing

about my survey is that you share your thought, points of view, and opinion related to the given product or consumer service. Moreover, you get paid around 1$ to 1.5$ for performing each survey and that usually took

10 to 15 minutes in addition to this, whenever you complete a survey you get points and these points are redeemed into cash as over here 100 points equal to 1$.furthermore, you can also earn through referrals like

whenever a user joins with your link you get almost 1.5$ and you can also redeem these points for shopping or getting a gift card and

if not you can use them to convert into cash and the minimum thresh hold for withdrawal is 10$

Why to work for my survey

  • No age restriction
  • Easy and simple to use and earn
  • Low withdrawal threshold.

Inbox Dollars

You must have here about swag bucks, right? if yes let me share that inbox dollar and Swagbucks are both platforms is own by one parent company Prodege LLC, basically, inbox dollars is also a survey and other small

task offering site where you can do the task and earn money and you can withdraw that money into your account. Once you get signup in inbox dollars you get a 5$ registration bonus after that you are required to

complete your personal information and when you complete that information you get an additional 0.5$ bonus furthermore, you can earn money in inbox dollars in various ways like taking surveys, watching videos,

watching ads, searching on the web, etc. furthermore, inbox dollar pays highest money for surveys like you could earn 0.01$ to 5$ on per survey. Moreover, the minimum threshold to withdraw is 15$.

Why to work for inbox dollars

  • The trusted platform according to Trustpilot
  • Multiple ways to earn money
  • All your earned money will show in dollars, not in points

User Testing

The name of the user testing indicates that to test something basically, it is a platform where you are given the task to test an app, program, website, or software, and the thing I start you have given them feedback

related to that product that what thing is irritating, what needs to be improved, what things are best. Basically, to get approved for usertesting.com you will have to give a sample test once your sample test will be

accepted then the task will be displayed in your profile and the website calms that you could earn up to 60$ per test but according to different sources states that you could earn up to 10$ per test

which usually takes 20 minutes to complete.

Why to work for user testing

  • Complete tutorials related to earning process
  • High paid task
  • You do not need any type of skills to begin.


Q1: How can a teenager make 1000 dollars?

Ans: well there are many sources from which you can earn 1000$ or more like

blogging, YouTube, freelancing, etc. but for pocket money consult the above-mentioned websites

Q2: What teenagers can do to make money online?

Ans: Teenagers can devote 2 to 3 hours per day to a legit website and form through which they can make money online

Q3: How can a teenager make a lot of money?

Ans: To make lots of money you need dedication, hard work, and time if you devote these three things in the right direction then the sky is the limit you can make more money than you think.

Final words

At last, I am calm and honest that I have provided you 10 best websites to make money as a teenager from the web these websites are trusted sources from which millions of people are earning money now if you are a

the teenager then invests her free time in any of the websites then I’m damn sure that they will achieve financial stability.

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