Top 10 Android Games 2023


Hello, guys today in this article I will be uncovering the top 10 android games of 2022 which will blow your mind. If you are a game lover like me then this article is absolutely for you as being a game lover,

I usually play different android games and every day thousands of games are launched on the internet and every new game makes a disruption on the internet. it’s hard to choose the best game out of the variety of collections but in this article,

I will sort out the top 10 android games that will amaze you and if you want to make your career in esports then you should read this article fully to get full insights into the gaming industry.

Top 10 android games

  1. PUBG
  2. GTA V
  3. Minecraft
  4. Among us
  5. Asphalt 9Clah of clans
  6. Free fire
  7. Candy crush saga
  8. Pokémon Go
  9. FIFA mobile

Description of Top 10 android games

So guys followings are the games that I have given priority for the top 10 positions of android games and

if you are a serious person who wants to pursue his or her career in Esports apart from entertainment then you should consider making awesome gameplay in the following games



It is defined as Player unknows battel ground it is a battle royal game designed by Branden Greene and Krafton studio it was inspired by form Japanese film battle royal

basically in this game 100 players are thrown from an airplane to an island where the players land by para shoot and they sear ch for guns and other defensive tools and save themselves from their opponent’s enemies as time passed

the zone shrinks players to come closer to each other then the player kill each other and after the one who will be left for the end will reward the title as the chicken dinner and its rank increase furthermore, you can read detail about this game

moreover, after its launch it has got huge popularity in the world as of May 2022 it has crossed almost 8.5 billion downloads on mobile phones and more than 1.5 billion active users playing it monthly in addition to this,

many people in the world have been famous because of playing this game like a mortal, dynamo shroud, and other emerging players.

Pros of playing PUBG

  • It’s a source of entertainment
  • You can interact with different people all around the world like this you can improve your communication skill
  • You can earn a huge amount of money, fam, and protocol

Cons of playing PUBG

  • It is very addictive
  • It can cause very severe problems like poor eyesight, irregular posture
  • It can encore you to invest in their inventory so that they can earn money from you




Another game that recently disrupted the gaming market is the latest version of GTA which is GTA V It is action based game that was developed by Rockstar Games

it is an open-world game where you can play from a first person’s perspective or a third person you are thrown into a virtual world where there is complete freedom for you that want you to want to do you can steal your desired car and use it furthermore, you can do the mission of the game which will make it very interesting

moreover, this game was launched on pc there is no update related to android but recently they have just launched in android it paid like something 4 dollars but you can download it from the link for absolutely free till now it has more than 165million downloads and almost 15 million active users.

Pros of playing GTAV

  • It doesn’t require an internet connection to play
  • It is a source of entertainment
  • You can be famous content creators by live streaming this game

Cons of playing GTAV

  • it needs a good device to play properly
  • It is very addictive which can harm you




 Minecraft is a famous sandbox game that was developed by Mojang’s studio

and fully made public in 2011 basically in this game you are released on a never-ending map where you can build anything with your sand cube blocks.

There is no mission in this game you can build your desired castles with blocks and just fight with your enemy till now it has solved over 300 million copies and today it has 141 million active users

many people earn millions of bucks by doing live streaming on youtube like PewDiePie etc if you are a person who loves building things then this game is made for you.

Pros of playing Minecraft

  • It can polish your creativity
  • It very entertaining
  • It can teach you teamwork, programming, and problem-solving skill.

Cons of playing Minecraft

  • Many studies reveal that it influences bullying attitudes in children
  • It can bring negative attitudes in kids like killing others


Among us


Another game that recently disrupted the gaming industry is Among us. It is an online social deduction game that was public in 2018 by inner sloth studio.

it is an online multiplayer game played for up to fifteen players where three players are chosen to be imposters and this game is played in space where there is various map with spaceships etc.

To play this game you need at least 5 players like this you play this game by killing your friends. This game reached its peak in popularity in a covid time when it made and break the records by being the most played game in the world The awards for this game are following Golden Joystick Awards 2020,

The Game Awards 2020, Steam Awards 2020, etc. It has been downloaded more than 500 million times and it has around 30 million monthly active users. 

Pros of playing Among us

  • It can polish your teamwork skill
  • It can boost your problem-solving skill
  • It can make you rich by playing it
  • The players can make a strong connection with international players

Cons of playing Among us

  • It can be injurious to your mental health
  • It can influence you to invest your money in virtual outfits
  • It can cause dopamine addiction in players.


Asphalt 9


If you are a car racing game lover then you might have here about Asphalt 9 which is by far the most played car racing game on the internet.

It is a racing video game that was released on 2018 by game loft. It is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. This game is known for its ultra-HD graphics which are quite fun in playing it.

This game Is also known for its amazing racing multiplayer game where you have to compete with your opponents to win the game. When you play the Game, it seems that you are playing it in the real world.

Pros of playing Asphalt 9

  • It can polish your decision-making skill
  • It can improve concentration and focus
  • It can reduce your stress
  • It improves your memory.

Cons of playing Asphalt 9

  • It can affect your physical health when played more than limit
  • It can cause damage to your eyesight.
  • It can disturb your sleep pattern.


Clash of clans


Another most amazing game which I was a fan of it in the initial days was the great clash of clans I usually remember that in 2017 it was having a peaking trend in the world we were spending 6 to 8 hours playing this game

well, clash of clans is a mobile strategy game which was launched on 2013 by supercell. Basically, in this game, you are collecting tools and other kinds of stuff in a village to create your empire and with that,

you attack your opponent’s village for getting the inventory so that you can make your castle strong. Till now this game has almost 500 million downloads and around 1.87 million daily active users.

Pros of playing clash of clans

  • It can increase your social interaction
  • You can build your language and communication skills
  • It can boost your creative skill

Cons of playing Clash of clans

  • It can cause chronic diseases in the person
  • It can negatively affect your mental and physical health
  • It can force you to spend your money on his platform


Free fire


Free fire is another booming game in the gaming industry. It is working on the same domain as Pubg it is a battle royal game developed by 111dots Studio It was released on 2017

after that, it created records as the most downloaded game in the world as it has the gained breakthrough of 218 million downloads today it has almost 2 billion downloads with 150 million active users.

The main strategy this game has used to gain this amount of popularity is that it focuses on lower-class people who could not afford good gaming devices so this game has given an awesome user experience to these users.

furthermore, In this game, there is only 50 player which is sent to the island and after that, the one who left the end will be the winner.

Pros of Playing Free fire

  • You can earn a lot of money and you can make your career in gaming
  • It is a good source of entertainment
  • It will help improve your communication skill

Cons of playing Free fire

  • It is too addictive
  • It will force you to spend money on the game
  • It can create health problems


 Candy crush saga


Candy crush saga is another tycoon in the gaming industry which is free to play video game developed by King on 2012.

It is a simple game of candy in which you have to match the colored cand at least three then this will eliminate the candies from the box like this you pass the level and the next level comes tougher than 1st one like this there are endless levels in the game.

Which gives almost 3 lives if these lives are finished then you have to wait for some time so that you can play otherwise it will not let you till you would not pay to get it. It has almost 3 billion downloads plus 15 million active users.

Pros of playing Candy crush saga

  • Good for time passing
  • Increase your logical skill
  • It will help increase strategy-making skill

Cons of playing candy crush

  • Time wasting
  • It’s an addiction
  • It can cause affect physical health.


Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go is another king game in the gaming industry. It is the first augmented reality game that was launched by Niantic on 2016.

This game uses your GPS to search and capture virtual creatures called pokemon. it is fun playing this game because it is the only game where you feel you are playing in virtual life. To know, it has been downloaded around 0.5 billion times with 70 million active users.

Pros of playing Pokemon Go

  • It is a VR game which means its fun to play
  • It will give you insights into the technology
  • It will increase your detective skills

Cons of playing Pokemon Go

  • It could be more addictive
  • It will be time wasting
  • It will influence you to invest in this game


Snack game 

Another amazing game on the market is the FIFA mobile which is by far the most loved football video game in the history of the gaming industry.

we all love to watch FIFA right? But if you will play FIFA mobile then believe me you will forget FIFA. This game is developed by EA Mobile and launched in 2016 currently

it has 150 million+ downloads and around a hundred thousand monthly active users.

Pros of playing snack game

  • Source of entertament
  • Time Passing

Cons of playing snack game

  • Time wasting
  • Not too much engaging
  • Heavy game is not supported on lower devices.



Q1:What is the largest Android game?

Ans: The largest android game is PUBG mobile

Q2: Which is India’s number one game?

Ans: indias no 1 game is free fire

Q3: Is Minecraft more popular than Call of Duty?

Ans: Yes Minecraft is more popular than Call of duty

Q4: Is Genshin the best mobile game?

Ans: Yes, based on the users’ rating it is the best game


At last, I hope that you have been able to know about the Top 10 android games of 2022 and their pros and cons. As I have tried my best to answer your query step by step if you found this article helpful then please visit prowala daily for regular updates.

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