Top 10 Affiliate marketing Websites in Pakistan 2023


Top 10 affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan? As we all know that this is the era of technology and the internet has been a daily life commodity of people both inside and outside of Pakistan,

data published by many research websites states that as of January 2022 Pakistan has almost 83 million monthly active users and this figure is exponentially increasing day by day and by looking it to this figure and the empty

market many big brands are operating in this region so that they can capture the market in an instant so that’s why they are focusing on their affiliate program

so that they can boost their business in less cash burn and dominate the market. In this article, I will guide you to the Top 10 affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan from which you can earn at least 500$ per month.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote the products or services of a company and when you bring sales to their products through your affiliate link then you get a commission that varies from 2% to 60%.

This is one of the most working and effective strategies in making a business successful. When you sign up for the affiliate program of any brand you became a virtual brand ambassador

of that brand and it now depends upon you how you bring sales to their products so that both of you will get benefit from it. You can influence the desired customers by being a content creator on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

How to start affiliate marketing in Pakistan?

The summary of how to start affiliate marketing in Pakistan are following

  • Sing up to the affiliate of trusted brands whose products are amazing
  • Create free content on social media related to your skill
  • Create some audience there
  • promote only those useful products related to your skills and content
  • always tell truth related to the promoted products to your audience
  • encourage your audience to purchase from your link so that you could get the benefit.

Top 10 affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan

  1. Daraz
  2. Amazon
  3. Goto
  4. Hostinger
  5. Semrush
  6. Click bank
  7. Inspedium
  8. Ali Express
  9. Alibaba
  10. Gomart



Darz. pk is an eCommerce giant operating in Southeast Asia which includes Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Bhutan, etc.

Pakistan it is the most used eCommerce site for online shopping there are 40 million products in 257 categories. It has also more than 4 million daily active users searching for different products and at last purchasing,

they form their platform. It has empowered millions of sellers to scale their business across Pakistan and millions of returning customers are visiting regularly to purchase something from daraz.

After its mega success, Daraz has launched its affiliate program to empower people so that they can use their affiliate program to earn something.

The commission on daraz varies from 1.70% to 18% depending on which product you are selling you can see the commissions list here.

Moreover when a user clicks on your link and arrives on this platform and does not make a purchase within 7 days then you will not get a commission.

Why to use daraz affialte program

Strong brand: the fundamental reason for using the daraz affiliate program is that it has a strong brand and whenever you will promote the products from Daraz then there is a 90% chance that the user can buy them from there without hesitation.

Highest commission rate: well talking about Pakistan the only brand which gives the highest commission is daraz where there is unlimited potential for earning

Amazon is the world’s largest online shopping website in world it was founded in 1994 by jeff Bezos today this giant is worth 1.3 trillion dollars as of 2022.

This giant almost sells everything on the internet across the globe furthermore, it is the most used eCommerce platform in the world which specialize in selling electronic products initially this giant started its career by selling the book online.

Its affiliate program is considered the world’s best affiliate program because you can start it from anywhere in the world,

its commission rate starts from 1% to 20% and the best part is that you get a commission in us dollars you can check the commission rates from here

Why use an amazon affiliate program

It has one of the top trusted brands in the world whenever you will promote its products then people will love when you will recommend them to go to Amazon

Huge earning potential in this platform because there are too many expensive products that it pays the commission in us dollars so you can imagine how much you can earn.

Billions of dollars of products are purchased every day from amazon so you can imagine how many people are willing to purchase a thing from amazon. is also the fastest-growing eCommerce platform operating in Pakistan. After its huge popularity, it launched its affiliate program

from which you can earn a stable monthly income just by promoting their products link. The affiliate commission are starting from 1.5% to 5%.

The best thing about goto is that there is no complex procedure for joining their affiliate program you can make this account in 10 minutes. Moreover,

there are more than 500,000 products on their platform you can promote those products whose commissions are high so that you can earn huge money from them. you can check its commission rate list here.

Why use the Goto affiliate

  • The best thing about is that it does not require any website for opening an account you just signup for their affiliate program without a website. it has almost 50,000 monthly active users.
  • It pays commission monthly and easily in Pakistani currency in Pakistan.


Hostinger is the world’s most used web hosting and domain registration platform which has different hosting platforms for business.

The best thing about Hostinger is that it gives great hosting at a low cost furthermore, it has also a great and high-paying affiliate program

if you will make any kind of sale to its hosting plans you get almost 60% commission that’s huge right? Moreover, there are more than 30 million users using hostinger.

Why use hostinger affiliate?

  • Highest paying commission up to 60%
  • It is used by the majority of the business so that you can easily influence your audience


If you are familiar with SEO then you probably know about semrush if not then semrush is the world’s biggest keyword research tool developed by semrush. inc

this tool is used to check the detail of any keyword in search engines data publish about semrush stated that there are 10 million people now who have joined semrush so far so you can imagine the potential of this tool

Why use the semrush affiliate program

  • The best thing is that you get 200$ commission per sale, that is insane right?
  • It is free and easy to join
  • You get 10$ on selling it free trial version.
  • Your user can purchase any plans through your link for 120 days so that you can earn a commission.

Click bank

Click bank is another fastest-growing digital informational product providing an eCommerce site where you can get millions of digital products.

It was founded in 1998 and now it has more than 200 million customers across the globe. This site has considered the leader in the digital e-commerce industry that it has almost 22000 products in 276 categories.

according to a similar web, it has 3.5 million monthly active users.

Why use click bank affiliate

  • It pays a huge commission like it pays around 70% commission on each sale.
  • It pays you weekly this is the best thing about click bank.


If you are a blogger like me then you would know about inspedium if not let me tell you inspedium is Pakistan’s largest web hosting providing company which was founded by Zahid Sindhu in 2003 furthermore,

it helps people in learning SEO, website building, digital marketing, etc the best thing about inspedium is that it helps you to earn money online and it is completely free to join it has the highest-paid affiliate programs in Pakistan.

Why use the inspedium affiliate program

  • The fundamental purpose for using the inspedium affiliate program is that it gives you a 30% commission on each amazing sale
  • Secondly, it has 90 days cookie period so that your users can purchase the service within 90 days after clicking your link

Ali Express

Ali express is an online retail platform which is built by the Alibaba group it works on business to a business model and its aim to enable small businesses to sell their product all over the world.

This problem-solving product was launched in 2010 whenever you join its affiliate program you have to hunt products based on your niche and when you select a product extract its affiliate link

and just promote it to get conversions. Ali express gives almost 3% to 50% commission on various products so that you can imagine how much you can make from it.

Why use Ali express affiliate program

  • Highest commission of up to 50% on various products
  • Easy to join and use


Alibaba is one of the top technology companies in the world which was founded by jack ma in 1999. It provides many services like eCommerce, retail, cloud computing, etc.

This tech giant operates business to business, business to customer, customer to customer, etc. The best part of Alibaba is that it provides huge commissions like on every sale you

would get a 5% to 30% commission according to a similar web it has almost 110 million monthly active users

Why use the Alibaba affiliate program

  • Trusted brand, whenever you will influence someone with a product and encourage him to buy from Alibaba then he would buy it in one click without being anxious.
  • The highest rate of commission is usually you could earn 5% to 30% on each sale
  • Easy and simple to use


Gomart is another eccomerce tycoon operating on providing groceries online it is an international company the best thing about gomart is that there are almost 5000 products on its platform and with that,

it has 200+ brands affiliated with it. Whenever you sign up for the affiliate program different products are shown to you and from that select the one which you think you will promote,

extract the link from it, and start promoting whenever someone purchases from your link you get a commission. The commission varies from product to product.

Why use go mart affiliate program

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Trusted brand
  • A good commission on products


Q1: Is affiliate marketing available in Pakistan?

Yes affiliate marketing is available in Pakistan and it is working

Q2: Who is the number 1 affiliate?

Amazon associate program is the world’s number one affiliate program

Q3: What is the highest-paying affiliate website?

The highest-paying affiliate website in the world is click bank which pays a 70% commission

How can I join affiliate marketing in Pakistan?

You can join any of the affiliate programs by visiting their website


At last, I hope that I have given a complete description of the Top 10 affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan. If you liked any of the affiliate programs above

then I will recommend you to start your career and after some time you will have a good monthly income moreover if you found this article helpful then make sure to visit prowala regularly for new updates

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