10 Passive income ideas in Pakistan 2023


Imagine what if you are sleeping or enjoying the days in your favorite destination and still money flows in your bank account isn’t it interesting? now you may think that how it is possible that without working money

will flow to your bank account but to be honest, it is possible because of passive income in addition to this, it is possible with passive income to enjoy your life as well as there would be work freedom so in this blog post I

will guide you related to 10 passive income ideas in Pakistan you can start and get financial stability

What does passive income mean?

There are 2 ways of income first one is active and the second one is passive in the active income you spend your time, dedication, and hard work in a job, and because of your services and working hour that vary

the company pays you the salary and if you stopped working your income gets stops while in the passive income you invest your time and money at the initial time to make a product or service that consistently gives you a

recurring revenue over time with no to minimum work like building property at the initial investment and getting rent throughout a lifetime is the best example of passive income.

Passive income ideas in Pakistan

  1. Rent property
  2. Start a blog
  3. YouTube channel
  4. Sell Ebooks
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. High yield FD
  7. Start Airbnb
  8. Sell Ad space
  9. Vending machine
  10. Graphic-related products.

Rent a property


The best and most common form of passive income in Pakistan is renting a property now you people will be thinking that you do not have that much investment to construct a property and rent it so how you could

earn passively the answer to this question is that you do not need a big investment just see how much budget you have after that you can buy any property and rent it like, you can rent different construction tools,

your vehicle, your parking area, etc. Furthermore, you can purchase small food-serving vehicles and just rent them to the one-dish sellers, and from this, you can earn a good amount of passive income

now I have given an idea you have to find different things you have and start renting it

Start a blog


Blogging has been the best form of passive income, especially in this century basically in blogging you have to create and set up the website after that you have to write content based on different search queries and

once you get some amount of traffic just monetize your blog with google AdSense or any other ad network and once your blog will rank on search engine then it will receive traffic than you can earn from AdSense no

matter you are sleeping or enjoying vacation your blog will earn money for you and to reach this point you have to invest your money as well as time at the initial phase to make your blog stable

once you make your blog stable then it will automatically generate revenue for you without your too much involvement.

Start a YouTube channel


Starting a YouTube channel is also a great way to earn money, especially at this time we all know that this is the era of video and there are billions of people on YouTube who are watching and streaming different kinds

of videos regularly and many creators are earning millions of dollars as passive income from YouTube so to earn passively from YouTube, especially in Pakistan is that make a channel related to your favorite niche after

that make videos related to search queries like How to, best topics, etc. after uploading a decent no of videos you would gain viewers as well as subscribers and once you reach the monetization eligibility criteria for

YouTube then apply for monetization after that your videos will get views from YouTube and you would earn money from that videos this is a one-time investment of time to make videos

and create a channel after that you channel will be an asset which will passively contribute to your wealth.

Sell E-book


E-books known as the electronic book also a great way to earn passive income for life time basically in the e-book you jotted down your experience, knowledge, and expertise in form of a book which can help people to

improve their life and once you make a digital copy of your book then just make a website or upload to amazon kindle for some price after that at the initial step do somehow promotion then people will know your

product. Then they will buy it and ultimately you get money on your bank account moreover,

with time your book will get sold. You would get money without doing anything and if your content is powerful then imagine how much you can make if your book is sold for millions.

Furthermore, as the author of 100$ startup mentioned at initially time it was difficult for people to use Evernote a note-taking software, and by solving this problem a person who had made an eBook related to

how to use Evernote software step by step after that he lists that eBooks for some dollars and you would not believe that very small eBook made him 120,000$.

Affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is also a very good form of passive income which has huge demand and potential in the market affiliate marketing means that it is a process in which you promote someone’s else product to a group

of users and strict them to buy from your link and once the user buys the product from your link then you could earn commission ranging from 2% to 60%. So, for this, you have to select a category based on you

r interest and make searchable content regarding reviewing different products on your blog, YouTube channel, or TikTok after that once your relevant content will rank on search engines and then people will start

viewing your content, if they love your content then they can buy the product form your link so that you could get a commission no matter you are working, sleeping or traveling.

You can sign up as an affiliate marketer on various brands like amazon, click bank, SEMrush, etc.

High yield FD


Well, this method is not considered the best stream of passive income by different financial experts according to the Pakistani context it is a good form of passive income like many banks offer 9% to 11% interest annually

for the deposited money which means that you do not have to work for your money rather your money will grow 11% annually without your activeness no matter you are sleeping, your money will make money for you.

Furthermore, you can also invest in the stock market for the long term then your money will grow as well as you will earn a dividend additionally.

Start Airbnb

Airbnb is also a new and professional stream of passive income basically in Airbnb you become an affiliate with the company and just list your room on Airbnb, by giving complete details as well as pictures of your

room when a tourist visits your place then he will get to know the available room and whenever he will view your room and if he gets satisfied with the room, he will book it and give the price after that the platform will

cut its fee and the rest money will be sent to your bank account. so like this you can make money by just constructing rooms in different tourist points in your area and after that

money will flow to your account without your interaction.

Sell Ad space

This method of passive income is too popular and the highest paying stream especially in Pakistan if you have small land or property in a commercial area then you would be a millionaire with this setup basically if you

have a small land or property in a commercial area just make a setup big billboard after that many big advertisers will pay you to add their banner on your billboard like this you can charge as much as you can for

a required time moreover, I think that this is the best way to earn money passively like you put your investment at the initial time after that just forget that thing and

money will flow to your account no matter where you are or what you do.

Vending machine

This income stream is new and not that popular in Pakistan rather it is too famous on the western side you set up small vending machines in big malls by renting a small place after that you put the desired product in it

like cold drinks, snacks, toys, etc. for a bit higher price as compared to the market and whenever people will visit form your vending machine and if they required something then they can purchase form that machine by

giving the money after that the machine will automatically release the required products furthermore, you can also set up ATMs in the mall and whenever someone withdrawals money just charge small percent as a fee.

These two types are the best form of passive income as it requires some effort in the initial time after that it will make money for you without your working hours.

Graphic related products

If you are a graphic designer then you can earn a huge amount of money passively like in this method of passive income just make different templates, posters, logos, and designs. After that, you can list them on the

website to sell and whenever a person will purchase your art then you get a commission like this you can earn for a lifetime without your interaction. Setting up this income stream requires

efforts at the initial time and after that, it will start getting sales and you get money in your bank account.


Q1: What are some good passive income ideas?

Ans: well there are many good passive income ideas but I think renting, vending machines, Airbnb, etc. are the best ones

Q2: How can I make 1000 passive income in a month?

Ans: to make 1000 passive income in a month you need to set up a passive income source, based on my point of view just set up wending machines.

Q3: Can I earn passive income in Pakistan without investment?

Ans: Well to set up a passive income stream needs an investment of not only money but also time so without financial investment just setup up graphic-related products

Final words

Finally, in this article, I am confident that I have been able to give the best Passive income ideas in Pakistan now if you are a severe person about your freedom approach any of the income streams,

and after that, you will enjoy its passive income. moreover, visit prowala regularly for new and exciting updates

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