Top 7 Online jobs for students in Pakistan 2023


If you are a student living in this century and unable to earn at least pocket money from the internet then you are not innovating.

You would not believe that people especially students are earning more money than engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc. by sitting on their couches.

This is the era of technology and if you are thinking that after completing your studies you could do the job and then you would be financially stable then you are wrong today with the power of the internet you could build an online empire without any age limitations.

So, like this in this article, I will give you 7 simple online jobs for students so that you could earn a good amount of money and support your financial expenses.

Moreover, the jobs provided below do not require any type of high-level skill or investment to start rather, you can do these jobs If you have an internet connection plus a mobile phone or a laptop that’s it.

Furthermore, you can pursue this service as a business rather than a job.

Top 7 Online jobs for students in Pakistan

  1. Start re-selling
  2. Sell Netflix screens
  3. Sell SEO tools
  4. Sell your pictures
  5. Sell your notes
  6. Work as transcriptionist
  7. Create NFTs and sell

Start reselling


One of the best and easy ways to earn money online, especially for students is reselling basically in reselling you become a seller, promote someone else product, and start selling a product to your social circle by siding

your profit whenever someone purchases the product from the official store, they will ship that product to the customer’s doorstep and take the money after that they will side their cost money and further remaining

money will be sent to your account. moreover, there are many social commerce platforms in Pakistan like Markaz, and you can signup as a reseller and earn money from it.

Furthermore, you can also start this business at a very low investment you can make a deal with local sellers and get a few problem-solving products, and start reselling through social media once you

hunt customers just sell that product by siding away your profit margin.

Sell Netflix screens


This is one of the premium ideas, if you are a student then you should try this. we all know that we love to stream movies, sports, documentaries, and web series in HD quality, the only trusted option in the market to

solve this problem is Netflix but the thing is that the service Netflix is costly especially in the Pakistani market so, here comes a business opportunity you can spend some money to purchase any of the Netflix plans after

that just share the screens for low cost like this you can earn huge money. for example, the premium plan of Netflix cost 1,100 Pakistani rupees and this plan enables you to share screens with up to 4 users if you will sell

each screen for 500 hundred rupees then you get 2000 rupees in revenue, and 900 rupees of profit, its amazing right? Now let’s think what if you will share 40 screens and take 500 from each screen then this

makes a total of 20,000 rupees and the cost of these screens is just 11,000 rupees and you get a profit of 9,000 by doing nothing like this you can find a huge amount of clients from the market.

Sell SEO tools

This idea is also related to the above one, if you are a business person, entrepreneur, Digital marketer, blogger, etc. Then you can imagine the importance of SEO tools like ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Grammarly, etc.

In addition to this, we know how costly these tools are especially if you are a beginner entering a Digital career. Now, if you are a student then you can earn a huge amount of money by just selling these services you

have to do is purchase any of the plans of SEO tools like ahrefs, and start selling them to people at an affordable cost by taking out your profit. This is the best online job you can do where you do not need any

skill or time to give just purchase any plan from the initial investment and start selling through social media like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram and earn a good amount of money.

The best thing about this work is that there is huge demand, especially in Pakistan and there are few to no competitors you can start this work after that you can expand your work and your income.

Sell your pictures

We all use smartphones, right? And we all are master to take photos, isn’t it? If I say that you can make a good amount of money just by clicking photos then you will be amazed yet it is a reality, millions of people in

the world are earning good figures of income by just selling their photos and if you are a student then you should try this there are many of the trusted platforms where you can upload your good quality picture and in

return whenever someone purchases it, you will get some dollars like the most famous and trusted platform is Shutterstock, adobe stock and foap, etc.

where they pay a percentage ranging from 15% to 40% of every picture downloaded or purchased. So, I think this is the best job for students to earn money online.

Sell your notes

If you are a busy student who spends the majority of the time in studies and wants to earn pocket money then this is special only for you, we all make notes to study the right and once we pass an exam we just throw

or burn those notes but what if I tell you that you could make a good amount of money just by selling your notes then you will be shocked right?

so there are many platforms where you can list your notes for selling and whenever someone just downloads or views your notes you get a good amount of money.

Many platforms are offering these opportunities like study pool, stuvia, one class, etc. you can make a handsome amount of money in a short period.

Work as transcriptionist

If you are a serious student who thinks that he or she has no skill and still wants to make money then transcribing is the best online job for you basically in transcription you are given a task to listen to something

and jotted down the language into sentences on a document and they can pay you as of task as well as for your hourly service furthermore, you can also add subtitles for different videos, movies, and documentaries,

etc. you can work as a freelancer for a brand as well as you can offer your services in various freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc.

moreover, there are specific platforms built only for transcribing you can also give your services as a transcriber, for example, transcribe me, REV, quick Tate, etc.

in addition to that, you can also find vast no of clients through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. by making content related to your services. I think this is the best online job, especially for students

Create NFTs and sell

if you are a person who thinks that he or she has an artistic skill like to create or made art then this is a premium and new earning method for you like you can make millions of bucks by selling that artwork as an

NFT NFT stands for non-fungible token it means that is the transfer ownership of any artwork in form of a token that no buddy in this world can regulate or claims that that artwork belongs them until he or she owns that

token moreover, many of the NFTs are sold for millions in the last month so you can also earn a good amount of money by just making and selling your NFT you can make any artwork and list that artwork for sale at various NFT marketplace like the open sea, polygon, flow, etc.

Final words

Finally, I have tried my best to give you comprehensive and unique online jobs for students in Pakistan, believe me,

guys the methods mentioned above are authentic and new methods that you can follow to earn a good amount of money in a short period.

so I will recommend you to focus on any work mentioned above and give your 100% so that inshallah one day you will be financially stable last visit our site prowala for exciting articles like this thanks.

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