Top 10 Most Viewed Websites in Pakistan 2023


Hey, guys are you searching for the most viewed website in Pakistan then you are in the right place, in this article I describe to you the top 10 most viewed websites in Pakistan based on data published by various sites.

This data will guide you and give you an insight that which brands are most famous in Pakistan or which services are most consumed in Pakistan so that you get user interest and from this interest,

you can launch an effective campaign so that you can generate conversions.

The websites which are mentioned below are the most trustful website you can use these websites without worrying about your privacy because most people use these.

Most viewed websites in Pakistan




With this advancement in technology, I think so there will be no person who does not know about YouTube well if you do not know about this then let me tell you that is the world’s second-largest search engine

and words no 1 videos streaming platform which is the product of google. This website is available also in the app and surprisingly this app has more than 10 billion downloads and over 2.1 billion monthly active users

and only Pakistan there are approximately 71.7 million monthly active users and currently, it is ranked as the no-one website based on the no of users in Pakistan.

Basically in this app, a user can search for a burning query and he gets millions of videos related to that query for free.

Pros of using Youtube

  • There is the best solution for every query of users
  • You can earn huge money and fam with this by being a content creator
  • A good source of entertainment
  • It is free

Cons of using YouTube

  • There is inappropriate content is uploaded
  • Bullying is promoting
  • Disturbing by unnecessary ads

most-viewed-websites-in-pakistan is the world’s largest search engine which was launched in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry page currently it is the one search engine in the world

with more than 4 billion monthly active users it is an all-in-one search engine in which you search a query and you get the desired result which tries to solve your problem through text plus videos.

It is also the world’s most valuable company with approximately 1.6 trillion dollars today it has many valuable products operating under this giant,

for example, YouTube, Gmail, google ads, android, google maps, google photos and many more furthermore has 60 million daily active users from Pakistan.

Pros of using

  • Shows the most accurate and authentic result
  • Free of cost
  • Source of income by being a content creator

Cons of using

  • No one-to-one interaction with the content writer
  • Difficult to understand the content for non-native speakers
  • Bo relevant ads sometimes.


most-viewed-websites-in-pakistan is the world’s largest social media and networking site owned by meta platform which was founded by mark Zuckerburg in 2004 the company claims that it has more than 3 billion monthly active users.

This is a networking platform where users make an account and connect with their friends virtually they can make post views of others’ posts and get updated on the news from the world.

The idea behind this tech giant was from a dating site known as Hot or Not and from the popularity of this site, this MVP was converted to Facebook today it is valued at 435 billion dollars.

It has also an app that has almost downloaded more than 4 billion times. The products owned by meta group/face are Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook oculus, etc.

Pros of using Facebook

  • It is a good platform for updates
  • It is a platform where you can earn millions through the Facebook marketplace or by being an influencer.
  • It is beneficial for marketing.

Cons of using Facebook

  • It can influence bullying and sort of jealousy in an individual
  • It can be too much addictive when use in excess
  • It can decrease your productivity
  • It can waste your time


most-viewed-websites-in-pakistan is the world’s largest centralized instant messaging voice-over IP app owned by meta group. It enables users to send text messages, voice messages, and images to their friends.

WhatsApp has gained popularity because of being an instant messaging app that was purchased by meta group in 2014 for almost 19.3 billion dollars.

Another reason for the huge popularity of WhatsApp is its high security you have to log in with your mobile number and you can add only those people in your WhatsApp messenger whose mobile numbers are saved in your phone’s contact

in this app like this you can add trustworthy friends you can also share your current status with your friends. As of February 2022, it has almost 2 billion monthly active users after the huge popularity it launched WhatsApp business for business purposes.

Pros of using WhatsApp

  • It is free and easy to use
  • It has strong security
  • You can earn huge money by re-selling products,

Cons of using WhatsApp

  • It has strong addiction which influence you to open it daily
  • It encourages laziness in teens
  • It disrupts your sleep pattern.


Instagram is a photo and video sharing networking platform that was built by Kevin systrom in 2010 and after that, it was purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars

basically, in this app, a user can share photos and videos by adding hashtags so that it can follow their desired people in this app it can get updates related to that people

furthermore, users can also follow you by seeing your content and like this, you can be an Instagram influence and live your dream life as of 2022 it has almost 1.5 billion monthly active users and its app has been downloaded more than 3.8 billion times.

Pros of using Instagram

  • It has amazing privacy and security
  • Best for connecting the virtual world
  • You can build your brand by using an Instagram virtual store
  • It is free to use

Cons of using Instagram

  • It is too addictive, especially for teens
  • It can influence anxiety and unhappiness in your life
  • Limited features for uploading pictures is the world’s largest microblogging platform and networking American site owned by Twitter Inc. The users can post their views related to something or some updates occurring in the world in the form of tweets

and can create trends by using hashtags furthermore users can follow celebrities to view their tweets Moreover, user can express their views in form of tweets for approximately 280 characters

as of 2022 this company has 32 billion dollars in addition to this it has 490 million monthly active users. From some of the data, it is stated that

Twitter has almost 30+ million daily active users. as of 2022 United States is the world’s leading country in using Twitter

Pros of using Twitter

  • It gives the latest updates on what’s occurring within or out of the country
  • It is free of cost
  • Your voice can reach out to millions
  • You can reach your potential customers with this platform.

Cons of using Twitter

  • You can post your views not more than 280 characters per tweet
  • There are too many spam accounts which can create damage your account
  • It can be addictive when used more than limit

Netflix is the world’s largest OTT and videos streaming platform built by Reed hesting and partners in 1997

it is a subscription-based service where you enroll the subscription to Netflix and watches premium movies, web series, and tv shows in high quality

it has all its official production unit known as Netflix originals As of June 2022 it has over 220 million paid subscribers using Netflix

if you are a movie enthusiast who loves to watch movies then this is the perfect platform for you you should defiantly use this. According to some websites, Netflix has 100,000+ paid users from Pakistan.

Pros of using Netflix

  • Watch newly launched movies or web series
  • Offers extreme quality to watching movies
  • It is ads-free
  • User-friendly interface

Cons of using Netflix

  • It is not free you have to pay to watch.
  • No life sports feature
  • It works on a fast internet connection.

Linkedin is an American-based professional employment and networking site which was launched on 5 may 2003 this platform is used for career development in this users upload their Cv to seek jobs

where the organization search for its desire to employ a virtual from all over the world. Many peoples have been able to get outstanding jobs with this platform as of 2022 it has over 800 million active users using this platform

furthermore as from some data published by researchers it was acquired by Microsoft for 26.2 billion dollars in 2016 and in 2021 it generated a revenue of 10 billion dollars

and this company is worthy of more than 100 billion dollars.

Pros of using LinkedIn

  • You can create networking with career professionals
  • You can easily expand your network
  • You can get your desired employment with this platform
  • You can be updated by your industry news

Cons of using LinkedIn

  • It has an expensive premium subscription
  • Some scammers can scam you
  • It has a slow response system. is the world’s largest freelance marketplace where thousands of users are offering their services as a freelancer and many businesses visit their platform to avail themselves of these services for their company.

It is a multibillion-dollar company worth 1.43 billion dollars furthermore, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger founded this platform. In 2022 it has 3.5 million monthly active users

and in 2021 it has generated a revenue of 300 million dollars. as 0f 2022 it has almost 800 employees. By using this platform you can sell your skills and in return to that, you can earn huge money from it.

Pros of using

  • You can get expert freelancers for a minimum price
  • You can earn huge money just by selling your services
  • You can book any of the freelancers you want

Cons of using

  • This platform cuts 30% of the earnings of freelancers
  • Sometimes you get scammed or fraud with your work
  • The freelancer can delay your work is Pakistan’s largest eCommerce platform which operates under the Alibaba group. Daraz. pk is a Bangladesh-based startup that was solved for Alibaba for 200 million dollars.

Currently, this platform is operating in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, and Myanmar. It has 5 million monthly active users and is operating on a 500 million customer base

with more than 10,000 employees. If you are thinking about online shopping then you can fearlessly do shopping on this site

Pros of using Daraz. pk

  • You can purchase anything from this platform online.
  • This gives you COD service
  • You can earn huge money by being the seller or enrolling in its affiliate program.

Cons of using Daraz. pk

  • Sometimes you get a damaged product
  • Sellers are scamming


Q1: Which website is most visited in Pakistan?

Ans: The most visited website in Pakistan currently is

Q2: What is the world’s most viewed website?

Ans: is the most viewed website in the world

Q3: What is the #1 visited website?


Q4: What is the most viewed website on Google?

Ans: The most viewed website on a google search engine is


At last, I hope that I have been able to solve your query related to the most viewed websites in Pakistan the data I have mentioned above is gained from many research websites like a similar web.

The rank of the website mentioned above is based on the no of users using it. If this article is found helpful full then share it with your friends who need it the most and finally visit Prowala for regular new updates thanks.

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