10 ways to make money online with no skills


How to make money online with no skills? How much we can earn online?

If you are the type of person who thinks of such types of queries and if you do not have any skill then hold on

you are in the right place, today in this article I will be describing to you

10 simple and easy ways to make money online with no skill That will help you to earn at least 1000$ per month.

So without wasting timeless dive into this amazing article.in addition to this, many of you would probably think that

it is easy to earn money online and if you are thinking that today we will start working and tomorrow there will be a rain of dollars

then I’m sorry you are on the wrong side, you may quit this article now and if you are a

a hardworking person who believes in the process then this article is special for you because

in this article, I will sum up my 5 years of knowledge and experience plus some

premium tips that will help you to earn a handsome amount of money in a short span of time.

10 ways to make money online with no skills

  1. Make content on TikTok
  2. Make resumes
  3. Voice over artist
  4. Data entry operator
  5. Make YouTube thumbnails
  6. Do outsourcing
  7. Complete paid survey
  8. Use link shortener
  9. Virtual Assistant
  10. Be a tutor at Cambly

Make content on TikTok


As we all know that this is the era of short videos and every one of us loves to watch

and create short videos but you would not imagine people are making thousands of dollars through it without any skill

like what they do is make an account on the niche in which they are interested after that

they start uploading content on that account and once it starts growing it acquires some followers

after that many brands offer them good sponsorship where they pay a good amount

of money to upload any one commercial video like this they earn a good amount of money in a short span of time.

The question is how you can earn from these premium sources. Well first make an account on any short video platform

like TikTok, snack video, chingari, etc. based on your interest in tech, gaming, travel, etc.

after that just go to YouTube or Facebook and search and download videos related to

your category after that upload that short video to TikTok with a little bit of editing, do this process 5 times a day, and after a month you will

be surprised that your videos will be huge viral that will bring good followers to your account after that you can get sponsorships

and earn money, you can do affiliate marketing with an account, and you can send that traffic to your blog

or you can sell this account and get a good amount of money, it seems lite but believes

once you will do this then you will be amazed at the result.

Make resumes


If I will talk about making resumes people will think that this needs a skill like graphic

design or illustration or it is a complex process but you will not trust me,

due to the advancement of technology you can create a high-quality

resume in less than 10 minutes it seems a joke but seriously it takes some minutes like you have to select high-quality resume

templates from Canva after that just put the given details on that template and boom you created

the nice one. Once you learn this skill then you just need to go to a freelance marketplace

like Fiverr, Upwork, people per hour, etc., and offer your services to the clients, there is a significant demand on such platforms where you

can just give your services form 5$ onward moreover, in Fivver people are selling these services for 70$ per resume and they have

completed more than 1000 orders just imagine how much money they have made from this

the small skill it seems complicated but you can make a professional resume in 10 minutes. And earn huge money from it.

furthermore, when you learn this small skill then you can grab clients from your networks, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and start to earn from day one.

Voice over artist


Another amazing way to earn money online without skill is from voice-over, many of you

would be familiar with voice-over artists if not then voice-over artists are the type of people who just record their voice based on a script

for a documentary, gameplay, or a commercial ad. There is no rocket science the client will provide you with a written

script based on it you have to record your voice and give it to that client and in return, he will give you some

money. Moreover, there is a huge demand for voice-over artists in the market you can hunt these clients from Fivver, Upwork, or any other freelance marketplace

furthermore there are good paying websites for voice artists

where you can give your services and earn a good amount of money like VoiceBunny, FilmLess, Snap recording, etc.

Data entry operator


Data entry operator is another beginner-level skill that any one of you can do easily.

Well, the thing this skill requires is that a person should be able to run a computer basically over here a client gives you data and he can ask

you to put it in a spreadsheet, Microsoft word, excel, etc. after you complete the task

the client will give you money based on your service. There is a huge demand for data entry operators in the market, especially in the freelance

marketplace where users are charging up to 35$ per work and they have got thousands of orders now you can imagine the potential

of this skill. You can hunt clients from Facebook groups as well reach out to the people who

offer them your services and you would be amazed that many people will reach out to

you like, this will help you to earn a good source of income.

Make YouTube thumbnails

When talking about YouTube thumbnails many of you would be not familiar with them

basically it is the feature image of a YouTube video now, and many of you would be thinking that who will offer these services? And if

someone offers it, he will pay a small buck? If you are thinking this then you are wrong there is a huge demand for YouTube

thumbnail markers in the market only on the freelance marketplace people are selling their services for

10$ per thumbnail and they have got 1000+ orders now imagine how much money these people make from this 5-minute service.

You can create an attractive thumbnail in less than 5 minutes in Canva and make your client

shocked within seconds. Moreover, hunt the clients via email like reaching out to your favorite YouTubers

through email and offering samples of YouTube thumbnails he or they would probably love your work and give their video

project to you like this you would have returned client and like this, you could earn thousands of dollars per month.

Do outsourcing

This is one of the premium tricks to earn huge money basically this is a smart way of

earning massive money over here you don’t have to work you first have to look at the skilled people in your area like there could be content writers,

digital marketer, graphic designer, etc. after that when you select any of the skilled

people from your area like you have seen that there are too many professional content writers in your area after that just go to a freelance market

the place offers your services as a content writer once you get orders from clients just

outsource the given work to your local content writers for a small price by siding your margin and just complete the work from your local content

writer and offer that work to your international client like this you would be in

In the middle you just hunt the clients and get their work offer to your local freelancer and earn huge money just doing nothing moreover, you can hunt

clients from short video platforms like making an attractive ad offering your

services after that promote that through social media after that there will be too

many clients looking for your services and ultimately you would earn huge money by doing nothing.

Complete paid survey

The easiest skill to earn a small amount of money is by doing small paid surveys, you

can do this anywhere and any time basically the service will be like going to XYZ channel and subscribing to it, and once you do it will offer you

some cents, etc. There will be huge surveys you can do so that you could earn a small

amount of money to fulfill your pocket money expenses, there are too many sites offering these services like Swagbucks, survey junkie, etc.

you can sign up for these websites and start earning without having a skill.

Use URL shortener

One of the fastest ways to make money online without any skill is by using a URL

shortener website. The thing you have to do is just copy a post or a video link you want to share with a group of the audience once you have copied

the long URL just go to URL shortener websites and just shrink the URL there, that

website will shorten the URL just copy that short URL and share it with the group of peoples once your audience will click on that link they will

be landed on URL shortener website where they will see an ad for 10 seconds after that

they will shift to the actual link like this you can earn money. Many of the URL shortener websites pay 70$ per 1000 views so you could

imagine how much you can make if you have a good amount of audience.

The URL shortener websites to earn money are Linkvertise, Shrtfly, and Shorte. st etc.

Virtual Assistant

One of the hot ways to earn money in today’s era is being a virtual assistant is a

a person who offers their service as an assistant virtually from all over the world its

job is to outsource work, scheduled maintenance, arrange

meetings, etc., and from these services, the client pays you the money you can find

clients from a freelance marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc., and after that,

you can give your service under a boss and earn a good amount of money.

Be a tutor at Cambly

If you do have not any skills and you are only able to speak English then this kill is only for

you because from this platform you could earn huge money just by talking to people in English. Cambly pays you 12$/hour.

Many of the tutors earn tens of thousands of dollars just by tutoring or talking to non-

natives in English. This is the best way to earn money online if you have no skills. I personally recommend you to go with this initially and after

you would have money and then invest in other sources so that you could earn money.


Q1: How can a beginner make money online?

Ans: a beginner can instantly make money online you can concern with the sources mentioned in the above article

Q2: How can I make $100 a day online?

Ans: for earning 100$ a day you need to have a skill so just learn any skill and give your services then you would be making more than that

Q3: What is the easiest way of earning money?

Ans: the easiest way to make money online is by freelancing

Q4: What can I teach myself to make money?

Ans: learn any skill because skills will help you to earn money


At last, I hope that you have got an idea related to How to make money online with no skills?

Just focus on any of the ways mentioned above give your hundred percent and in one day you would be playing for thousands of dollars.

If this article is helpful, share it with those who need it the most, and kindly visit prowala daily for regular updates.

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