Leet liker APK free download (latest version) 2022


Leet liker APK free download How to get likes on Facebook? How to get more comments on Facebook? According to google trends, how to get more likes on Facebook pages, etc.

are the top search queries in the world. Are you struggling to get likes, followers, and comments on your Facebook profile?

Today I will share with you the leet liker app free download link from which you can get a hundred likes in just a second, so without wasting time, let’s go into detail about leet liker APK and explore its top features.

What is leet Liker APK?

With the advancement of technology and social media, every one of us has been profoundly becoming a part of this virtual networking app.

Every post we share on our Facebook profile is to get the attention of our friends, and many people want thousands of likes on their Facebook account or profile so that they can impress others and be honest;

the likes and comments on our Facebook posts describe the level of happiness inside us, and to get more likes was a problem for the individuals to overcome this problem, leet liker has solved it with their apps;

you could reach hundreds of likes in just a second without paying a single penny. It worked, and people have been attracted to this problem-solving app, and till now, people are using leet liker APK and getting lots of benefit from it.

Description of Leet liker APK

The original name of this app is leet liker

Leetliker.net develops it

It has the current version of v1.0

It has a size of 1.44MB

It works on android version 4.0 and above

Features of Leet Liker APK

There are fantastic features of leet liker APK, but I will sort out and tell you the most valuable parts of this app.

This app’s first and foremost helpful feature enables you to give hundreds of likes and comments to your Facebook profile or page. You can make your brand or business page popular because of this app; you can give hundreds of likes and with these likes,

it seems that your brand is trusted, so more and more people will come to you for conversion like this; you can scale your business. You can send your custom-made comments to your post like this, showing that trusted people are engaged with the post.

It has a fantastic feature from which you can send and share posts with people; like this, it shows the trust of the base. It has a beautiful UX and UI design which it catches our impression for a long time.

The following helpful feature of this app is that it is too secure and from your data or personal information cannot be leaked.

It is simple to use it is available for both ios and android, but it works perfectly on Android devices. There are no popup ads, so you can use them without getting disturbance by advertisements.


Following are the advantages of using leet liker apk

  • It enables you to send auto likes comments and share to your Facebook post so that you can increase your engagement
  • It can transmit 250 likes at once to your Facebook post
  • It is easy to use
  • It is trust full


As it is a third-party app which means that it can be dangerous for your device and personal information

  • It can just mislead your Facebook login data.
  • It can be harmful because it is downloaded from third-party websites, which can bring the virus to our device, can slow down your device’s performance.


How to download Leet Liker APK

Follow the steps below to download the leet liker apk

Step1: click the above download button

Step2: you will be redirected to the website

Step3: click on the download button


Step4: it will be downloaded in your download list


Step5: select open anyways


Setp6: install it and use


How to use Leet Liker APK?

It has very simple interference, which is easy to use. It works like Facebook, and if you do not know, follow the steps below to use it.

Step 1: once you have downloaded the APK, open it.

Step2: login to your Facebook account and go to settings and open your Facebook post from private to public so that it can be easily visible to the public as well as the app

Step 3: Open the APK and enter your Facebook account detail, and login in

Step4: After opening your account in this APK select the post to which you want to give likes

Step 5: Select the bar and choose the number of likes you want to give to the post

Step6: After the process, go to Facebook, open your targeted post, see the result, and enjoy.

Minimum requirements to download Leet Liker APK

Following are the basic requirements for downloading the leet Liker APK on android

  • The android version should e 3.0 and above
  • At least 1000 MB of ram
  • At least 50MB of space
  • Should have a stable internet connection to download apk


Q1: is leet liker safe to use?

Ans: well, the answer is not confirmed as it is a third-party APK, and I cannot guarantee you the privacy, but based on the reviews of the audience, it is safe. moreover, if you want more clarity, then you can contact the official website or owner of APK leetliker.net

Q2: How many likes leet liker APK gives at a time?

Ans: the answer to this question is that based on the research, it gives up to 250 likes at once

Q3: How to download leet liker APK?

Ans: To download leet liker APK follow the instructions given above.


At last, I hope that you have thoroughly read the article and got the idea to leet liker APK free download. You have explored the top features of leet liker APK, its uses, pros and cons, and much more,

so now is the time to use this fantastic APK to drive real engagement to your Facebook post as well as your business pages so that you can build brand trust as well as conversions.

If you found this helpful article, please share it with your friends to tell them about this great APK. Furthermore, kindly visit Prowala regularly for unique updates.

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