7 Best Launchers for android 2023


One of the best things about the android operating system is that there is no any restriction related to customization, you can customize your phone interface with any kind of app without any limitation android gives

you full freedom to edit and customize its interface with official or third party apps so, today in this article I will give you 7 of the best launchers for android that will make you stand out from the crowd like after seeing these

launchers peoples will come to you and ask you the procedure. These launchers will give your phone an alluring look no matter how old your phone is, these launchers will customize your phone and give it a fancy look.

so let’s dive into this article to explore the top launchers.

Best launchers for android

  1. Niagara Launcher
  2. Microsoft launcher
  3. Smart launcher
  4. Nokia launcher
  5. Nova Launcher
  6. Lawnchair 2
  7. iOS 16 Launcher

Niagara Launcher


One of the best android launchers in the launchers industry is Niagara launcher which has gained peaks of popularity in a short period Niagara launcher is minimalistic, easy to use, and light weighted fully customization

launchers that you can design based on your interest. This launcher is designed and focused only on one-hand users by using this launcher and its amazing gestures and shortcuts you can access all the data and apps of your

phone with one hand. Moreover, the apps are vertically aligned on the left sidebar with A to Z alphabetically, you can easily access your desired app in seconds. Furthermore, it has an amazing feature where you can respond to all

of the notifications and messages directly from the home screen without going to that targeted app.

In addition to that, this launcher is Very fast and clean you can easily use this on your old android devices with low Ram and space, etc.

With that, this iconic launcher has hit 5 million downloads in the google play store in a year and it is rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on the play store.

Why to use the Niagara launcher

  • Light weighted
  • Ads free on the free version
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fully customizable.


Microsoft launcher


We all have been using Microsoft operating system on our pcs, right? If you think that its android launchers are also as same as the pcs one then you are wrong because Microsoft has upgraded and innovated its Arrow launcher into

an amazing Microsoft launcher, moreover, this amazing launcher is a smooth, minimal, and light weighted theme where there is 100 percent freedom to customize apps, widgets, and home screen icons on your own.

Furthermore, you can sign in with your Microsoft account in this launcher to access your past data. The main focus of this launcher is productivity when you will open the left sidebar you will get the option of the to-do list, sticky

notes, calendar, screen usage, and most used apps. The bad thing about this launcher is that there are custom apps Microsoft pre-installed like Bing, outlook, Microsoft to-do list, etc.

Many interesting wallpapers are downloaded on a regular basis from Bing which can give your phone a pleasant look with that, this launcher has dark mode features which you can use at night to get a better experience.

This amazing launcher has more than 50 million downloads on the google play store and it Is rated 4.6 stars out of 5.

Why to use the Microsoft launcher

  • Freedom of customization
  • Ads free
  • Dark theme mode
  • Smooth and light weighted


Smart launcher 6

If you are a graphic lover then you would probably hear about smart launcher if not then let me tell you smart launcher is one of the best and most popular android launchers currently in the market. This amazing launcher has

also focused only on one-hand usage as like other launchers you can control almost anything only with one hand. Moreover, this launcher automatically categorizes and makes a folder of apps so that it would be very easy to

access them. Furthermore, it has an amazing feature whenever you change the wallpaper it automatically matches the launcher color with the wallpaper. This launcher is minimal and easy to customizable. In addition to that this

launcher is light weighted and smooth which encourages a good user experience. This launcher is featured by top blogs like toms guide, android authority, android central, etc. as one of the top launchers with that, it is nominated

as the play store’s best app as of 2015 by Google. This innovative app has been downloaded more than 10 million times and rated 4.0 stars out of 5 on the google play store.

Why to use Smart launcher 6

  • Freedom to customize fully
  • Automatically sorts apps related to their category
  • Enabled gestures and hotkeys
  • Protect your apps without using any lock


Nokia launcher

If you are a 90s person then this launcher will be a gift for you. In the late 90s, we were too enthusiastic related to the Nokia keypad mobile and we were spending hours playing snack games, right? So, the above launcher is the soft

a version of the Nokia key paid mobile whenever you will install this launcher than your mobile screen will be converted to the traditional Nokia key paid mobile and you will control your mobile phone with buttons.

This launcher has no features but emotion, you will install this launcher to get feeling and fun I hope you will enjoy using this launcher more this launcher has more than 1 lac downloads

and it is rated 4.0+ stars out of 5 on the google play store. Furthermore, this app is free of cost

Why to use the Nokia launcher

  • It is ads-free
  • Easy to install and use
  • It will make you happy
  • It will attract your friends.


Nova Launcher

If you are looking for a fast, clean, and user-friendly launcher for android then Nova is your answer. This app is minimalistic and you can customize it on your on you. This app is highly optimized, smooth, and full of different

animations which gives an alluring look to your phone no matter how old your phone is. moreover, there are thousands of them icons present on their database you can select any one which you love.in addition to that,

there is an option for the dark mode you can enable this option to get a charming look. This theme has a backup option all of the customization plus setting you to do in this app are stored in their database you can access them

whenever you want. This launcher is ads-free for its trial version. This launcher has more than 50 million downloads and a 4.4+ star rating out of 5 on the google play store.

Why to use the Nova launcher

  • You can upgrade or invisible icons
  • Can create shortcuts or gestures to save time
  • Ads free
  • Easy and simple to use


Lawnchair 2

If you have any idea of google pixel launcher then lawn chair is the modified version of google pixel launcher. This Iconic launcher is smooth, minimalist, sleek, and user-friendly. The best thing about lawn chairs is that you can fully

customize this theme to your style. You can change icon fonts, size, color, etc. moreover, you can modify and change the layout of the menu a search bar. Furthermore, there are different gestures and shorts cuts which you can

optimize in your way to save you time. It has an automatic dark look which gives you a cozy look. This app has more than 1 million and a 4.5+ star rating only on the play store form here you can check the popularity of this launcher.

You can integrate this launcher with google feeds and it is flexible in android.

Why to use lawnchair 2

  • Ads free
  • Freedom of customization
  • Light weighted
  • Smooth, minimalistic, and fast


iOS 16 Launcher

we all dream about iPhone, right? If you are an android user then you can easily feel the pain of not having an iPhone but do not worry with this launcher you can convert your old android device into iPhone latterly all the

features that an iPhone has will be activated on your android device like, the theme ringtone, widgets, gestures, sidebars, etc. all be as same as iPhone. BUY using this launcher you can get a custom app library, wallpaper, and

the iPhone lock. This amazing app has more than 50 million downloads and 4.7+ stars rating out of 5 only on the google play store.

Why use the iOS 16 launcher

  • It will partially give you a feel of the iPhone
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Light weighted
  • User-friendly interface



Q1: What is the best launcher for Android?

Ans: well there are many best launchers for android based on the features, I have sorted out the 7 best launchers for android you can consult them.

Q2: Are launchers safe for Android?

Ans: If you download it from trusted sources like the play store then they are safe to use.

Q3: What is the most customizable launcher for Android?

Ans: based on my experiment Nova launcher is the most customizable because of this feature it has gained huge popularity.

Last words

Last, I’m sure that I have been able to solve your problem related to launchers for android, The launcher mentioned above are curated from thousands of launchers across the web.

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