6 iPhone apps for free online courses 2023


Hey guys are you searching for iPhone apps for free online courses than wait, we all know that we live in a such digital world where knowledge has become a common thing that to learn some sort of skill you do not need to go to school or college by spending thousands of bucks, all the high-quality

knowledge has become almost free thanks to technology and different apps like this today, I want to share the 6 best iPhone apps for free online courses, from which you can learn almost anything for a free or little amount of

money moreover, the best free learning apps which I am going to share with you which are available for all operating systems like android, iOS, mac, etc. no matter whether you are iPhone or an android user.

6 iPhone apps for free online courses

  1. Khan Academy
  2. Coursera
  3. Skillshare
  4. Udemy
  5. YouTube
  6. Google digital garage

Khan Academy


Khan academy is the world’s largest platform for providing world-class free and high-quality education for anybody moreover, on their platform you can study the course of different subjects till K-12 with step-by-step

videos, practice guides, and worksheets with that you prepare for different expensive tests like SAT, Praxis, and LSAT in an effective way.

The subjects this platform deals with are math, science, computing, etc. furthermore, their high-quality content is available in 36 different languages like English, Spanish, French, Hindi, etc.

so that you would not have difficulty in learning the course. One thing I like about khan academy is that apart from different career-related courses they have an important life skill category where they give amazing guides and

knowledge related to Career, college admission, mindset, entrepreneurship, interviews, talks, etc.

in addition to that khan academy has a YouTube channel where there are almost 7.5 million subscribers and 300K downloads on IOS.

Why to learn from khan academy

  • Absolutely for free
  • A wide range of courses are available
  • Too many practices problems


Coursera is another learning platform from where you can do online courses and get certificates Coursera has an amazing strategy

like it just collabs with world-class companies and universities to make high-quality courses for you. You can do these courses and earn a degree from a world-class organization without going to those reputed institutions.

Moreover, they have partnered with 275 leading companies and universities like, google, IBM, MIT, Harvard, etc. Once you start learning from these courses then there will be flexibility to get the job.

furthermore, Coursera works on a freemium model first it provides free courses with certificates after that once you love the ecosystem than you can purchase premium courses from any university or company

for paying a little amount. As of April 2022, Coursera had 100 million registered users and it has 200K downloads in IOS.

Why learn from Coursera

  • World-class education from different world-leading companies
  • It is free as well as affordable.
  • Flexibility in getting a reputed job once you complete the course.
  • You can earn your bachelor’s degree from your desired institution.


Skillshare is another gem that focuses on community learning, in this platform, there are more than 26000+ courses and classes available that are built by different creators.

The courses they offer are in technology, design, photography, entrepreneurship, etc. The main unique selling proposition of Skillshare is that it offers hand-on-hand projects and community-based learning it makes it

attractive to learn with a group of people having related interests. The best thing about skill share is that you can be a tutor and offer your skill-based knowledge in any of the categories and from this,

you can earn a good amount of money. moreover, they have almost 10 million monthly active users.in addition to that, it has 1million+ downloads.

Why learn from Skillshare

  • Wide range of choices to learn anything
  • Project and community-based learning
  • You can be a creator and earn a handsome amount of money.


Udemy is another big platform for teaching and learning online basically on this platform there are numerous levels of courses in every category like entrepreneurship, technology, blockchain, NFTs, etc.

in addition to that, on their platform, there is an opportunity for you can be a creator and earn a huge amount of money from it.

moreover, you can learn your desired course from experts in no or minimum amount furthermore, you could get a certificate once you complete any course.

Till now on their platform, there are more than 54 million active learners, more than 70 thousand teachers, and more than 741 million course enrolments.

The content in Udemy is available in more than 76 languages. As of 2022, it has more than 54 million monthly active users. You can get a free course by searching for your desired course in the search bar and filtering free then you get free courses.

Why learn from Udemy

  • Expert teachers sharing knowledge
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • You can complete the course in anytime there is no deadline
  • By using the Udemy certificate you can flexibly secure a job.


The king of free education YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine having millions of courses in almost a category absolutely for free.

We all think that the courses on YouTube are useless but believe me, the content on YouTube is too powerful just search for any skill which

you want to learn then from a filter select a playlist boom you got the complete course playlist uploaded by different creators and from there select the one which you love.

There are almost 2 billion monthly active users on YouTube uploading and learning knowledge in almost any category. Furthermore, there are more than 1 billion+ downloads only on IOS

Why learn from YouTube

  • Absolutely for free
  • Quality content
  • Easy to use
  • Available in almost every language

Google digital garage

One of the amazing platforms built by google is google digital garage this iconic platform was launched by google in 2015 with the aim in mind to providing high-quality knowledge related to digital skills so that people will learn from it and get their desired job in this technological era.

Moreover, on their platform, there are numerous digital courses for free and some of the courses provide you certification after you complete them like fundamentals of digital marketing, etc.

furthermore, this iconic no-profit platform offers almost 100+ high-quality courses in 3 different categories like Data and tech, Digital marketing, and career development.

The course which is here in their database is built by themselves and some are developed by their partner universities. They do not have any specific app related to google garage but you can sign in from IOS

Why to learn from google digital garage

  • Experts share their knowledge
  • Certificate from google
  • Easily get employment
  • No deadline to complete the course


Q1: Which is the best free online course app?

Ans: The best free online course app is khan academy, Udemy, skill share, etc.

Q1: Which online course app is best?

Ans: based on my opinion Khan academy and google digital garage is the best one

Q3: Which learning app is free of cost?

Ans: YouTube and khan academy are free-of-cost apps for online learning

Q4: Is the Coursera app free?

Ans: It works on the freemium model it has some courses for free and most of the courses are paid.

Final words

At last, I hope that I have been able to solve your query related to iPhone apps for free online courses now it’s your turn to start learning from these free apps and expand your knowledge and expertise.

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