How to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan 2023


What is eCommerce? How to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan? how to make money through eCommerce? Etc.

These are some of the most searchable questions in google and other search engine and yet there is no explicit content regarding these questions

so in today’s article, I will guide you step by on how to start a successful eCommerce business in Pakistan no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert this article will effectively solve your queries so stay tuned with us to get the top insights.

What is eCommerce?

The word eCommerce also known as electronic commerce refers to buying and selling of products online through the e-commerce market place if you want to buy shoes or laptops you search your desire keyword in google

then you get relevant results offering their products, and you review the products form price to specification after that when you get satisfied with the product,

you purchase it from their platforms and you select your payment option and that’s all after the product will be shipped to your doors steps.

for example, the big eCommerce players playing in this market are daraz, telemart, priceoye, etc.

Why to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan?

As in the technological era, the world has been a global village and the penetration of the internet is increasing day by day only in Pakistan there are 120 million internet users as of 2022

and the number of users is increasing day by day moreover, the value of the e-commerce market in Pakistan is 7.6 billion dollars as of 2022 and it is projected that it will be 10 billion dollars as 0f 2025.

So, you can imagine the potential of this market as there are fewer players operating in this market, this is a great time that you should start this eCommerce business, and one day you can also make daraz a big brand.

as you do not need huge investments to operate you can start with a small one and with time you can be the big one.

How to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan

  1. Market research
  2. Product selection
  3. Build digital presence
  4. Advertising
  5. Shipping method
  6. 24/7 customer service

How to start a successful eCommerce business in Pakistan

Market research


The most important and initial step in starting an e-commerce business in Pakistan is market research, if you do this step effectively then there Is a 90% chance of success in an eCommerce business.

You can do this step by using a keyword research tool like Ahrefs, MOZ, or SEMrush. By using any one of the tools you can search for the products you are going to sell and the market you are going to target this keyword research

tool will give you approximate data related to the keyword you have entered like it can give you the monthly search volume of the keyword related to the targeted market and its competition on ranking in search engine from the

search volume you can identify whether the targeted people are interested in the product you are selling. you can search multiple products and select the one which has the desired value for monthly searches.

Secondly, you can use google trends a free and awesome product of google that you can use to identify the search trends of your keyword related to the targeted market.

by using this tool you can get insights related to your product whether the people are interested or not you can check various products in these tools and select the evergreen one,

like this you spend some time researching the product. Select that one product that is evergreen, easily available, and has a good margin

Product selection

The most important step after the market research is the selection of products my recommendation is to Select that one product that is evergreen, easily available, and from which you can get a good margin.

Once you go through the above steps and find the product, then you have to innovation to your product like the unique selling proposition of your product which is different from the market.

You have to create a monopoly for your product that will stand you out from the crowd. Once you fully prepare your product then the thing which you have to keep in your mind is the inventory of that product

you should have to store some copies of your products because the most irritating thing which disturbs the user experience is the out-of-stock option so be careful about that.

Build your online presence

The most important step after selecting your product is building your online presence because this is the only way from which we can sell our products to targeted customers.

If you have investment then I recommend you to build an eCommerce website related to your product and if you don’t have that much investment then you should build Facebook and Instagram store

furthermore, you should also make your account on a short video platform like TikTok, snack video, moj. etc. and provide knowledge to people related to your product regularly

so that as time passes potential people will link to you and finally the interested people will purchase your product.


If I tell you that advertising is the heart of your product then you will not believe but it is the reality at the initial time, I was also considering that advertising is a waste of money but that is not right.

If your product is customer satisfying and you have effectively targeted your desired customers then you can bring huge sales at less cost. For this, you have to use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, TikTok ads, YouTube ads, etc.

furthermore, effectively target your desired customers like their age, gender, city, etc. so that you can bring huge sales to your products moreover I will recommend you to use video ads because it is very much effective.

Shipping method

Now if you have got a conversion and a customer has made an order for your product then how will you ship your product to that customer

how you will take money from him so for this you should create a cash delivery account from any courier companies like TCS, leporid courier service, etc.

whenever someone orders a product from you just take the address of that customer and then send your product to the courier’s warehouse and then this logistic service will deliver your product to your desired customer

and get money from it after that this platform will charge a small commission and then it will give you rest of your money to your bank account

24/7 customer service

One of the important factors in a successful eCommerce business is good customer service. If your customer service is good and fast then people will revisit your store and purchase the product again and again furthermore,

one customer will bring 10 more customers to you so keep in mind that whenever a customer asked something respond quickly and try to solve its query so that he will stick to your store forever.


Q1: How do I start a small eCommerce business?

Ans: for this, you have to select a product that you are going to sell and list that product on Facebook and Instagram marketplace ultimately you can get sales like this you can start

Q3: Which eCommerce business is best in Pakistan?

Ans: Based on the data the products which are purchased online frequently are shoes, clothes, mobile phones, etc.

Q3: How much you can earn from eCommerce in Pakistan?

Ans: There is no limit it depends on you what you are selling and at what level you are selling it as on an average eCommerce business owner earns 1 lac plus per month in Pakistan.


Lastly, I have tried my best to make you understand how to start an eCommerce business in Pakistan in 2022 step by step so that you can get an overview of this exponentially growing market.

So, I will recommend you to start today with a product just to test, and when the time will pass you would be able to understand how this market is working and how you can get huge profit from it.

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