How to get Spotify premium free 2023 (step by step)


Hello, people. Are you searching for how to get Spotify premium free? Look, every one of us loves to avail of premium things for free no matter how cheap the service is, right?

So, I hope you have landed on our website with the intent of getting Spotify premium for free.

in this article, I will solve your query no matter whether you are an android user or IOS.

So, follow step by step process to get Spotify premium.

What is Spotify?

If you are a music or podcast lover, you probably know about Spotify. If not, then Spotify is the world’s top audio streaming platform, with more than 406 million monthly active users and 188 million paid users.

This platform has more than 82 million songs; furthermore, every day, the team Spotify adds approximately 40,000 songs. It is available on Android, iOS, pc, TV, etc.

It operates on a freemium model, and there are two subscriptions on Spotify 1) free and 2) premium. There are limited features of Spotify in the free model.

Once you use this free version, after some time, you would automatically shift to the paid version because there are many disturbances in the free model.

Why to use Spotify premium?

Why pay some bucks to access songs and podcasts when everything is free on YouTube? But after using its paid version, I learned that this service is worth paying for because

it gives you all-in features to access premium content in a bunch.

Spotify starts its lowest subscription from 9.99 to 15 dollars per month. The premium version of Spotify offers the following features.

No ads: The most annoying thing in the Spotify free version is that whenever you are listing to a song or podcast, you get too many ads that interrupt you when you are deeply attached to the content.

Well, in Spotify premium, you get free content ads to get content without the interception of advertisements freely.

Play any song: This most needed feature you get in Spotify premium is that you can search for your favorite song or podcast without any hesitation

in the free version of Spotify; you have to wait and listen to all the playlist songs of your favorite artist to get to your favorite song

Play offline: one of the amazing features of Spotify premium is that it allows you to play offline no matter where you are;

it gives you wings to download up to 3333 tracks to enjoy them anywhere without worrying about the internet.

No usage of mobile storage: The best part of Spotify premium is that it allows you to download 3333 tracks stored on the server. Spotify, with that, does not take a single KB of space in your mobile storage,

so you would be free to download any track.

Best sound quality: anther best thing about Spotify premium is that it allows you to listen to the song in extreme quality, up to 320Kbps bits per second.

That’s crazy. I mean, if you listen to the quality, then it seems you are listening to this song in concert.

How to get Spotify premium free on android

There are a couple of ways to get Spotify premium for free the first one is paid. You have to pay 0.99$ for its free trial and enjoy it for three months, and if you are not willing to pay anything,

you have to download the Spotify mod APK. It is a third-party mod APK that offers premium services of Spotify premium for free you can download it from the below button


How to download and install Spotify mod Apk

Step1: click on the above download button

Setp2: wait for20 sec; after that download link will appear

Step3: click the button you will redirect to a website

Step4: wait for 5 sec and click the first link

Step5: click download anyway

Step6: it will start downloading

Step7: open the app and allow unknown resources

Step8: click on install and open it and enjoy

How to get Spotify premium free for IOS

It is difficult to download third-party APK on iOS because it has strict security, so iOS users do not be disappointed; I’m here with a solution to this problem, and

I will guide you step by step on getting Spotify premium. So firstly, you have to download software known as Tweakbox; you can download it from here. Once you have downloaded this app,

then open it and in the search, write spotify++, and it will show you an app download install the app and use it, and enjoy

Advantages of getting Spotify premium free

Look to get Spotify premium needs third-party APK so the following are the pros of using Spotify mod apk

  • You get ad-free content.
  • You get almost every premium feature absolutely for free.
  • Once the app does not start working, you can update its latest version on the internet like this;
  • you can get premium features quickly.

Disadvantages of getting Spotify premium for free

Following are the major disadvantages of getting Spotify premium through mod apk

  • Your data can get leaked
  • It can get access to your personal information like this; it can hack personal and professional data
  • As it is downloaded from a third-party website, it can bring the virus with itself, which can slow down your device


Q1 How to get Spotify premium for free in 2022?

Ans: You can get Spotify premium for free in two ways 1) you can pay and get it 2) if you don’t want to pay a single penny and want to use the premium version of Spotify,

then you can download the Spotify mod APK from the above download button for absolutely free

Q2: How to get Spotify premium for free on iPhone 2022?

Ans: it is much more difficult o get Spotify premium for free on an iPhone because it does not allow you to download Spotify from a third-party website,

but I have given a solution in the article mentioned above; from there, you can download Spotify premium without hesitation

Q3 Spotify premium free account hack?

As well, you do not need a premium account to get Spotify free; you can get the premium version from the article mentioned above.


At last, I am sure that you have got the procedure of how to get Spotify premium for free; this is a detailed article describing how to get Spotify premium for free without paying anything.

I have been using Spotify premium since last year in the way mentioned above, and that way does not create any problems now.

If you found the article helpful and have an idea of how to get Spotify premium free, share it with your friends who need it the most furthermore, keep visiting Prowala daily for interesting updates.


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