How to earn money on Instagram in Pakistan (500$/month) 2022


How to earn money on Instagram in Pakistan? It is the most trending question on the internet, and many people in Pakistan are conscious of making money online through Instagram;

if you are also curious to learn and make money online in Pakistan, then you are on the right track today; I will share with you the

Top 7 most used and trusted methods, as well as some tricks that you can make at least 500$/month through Instagram, doesn’t matter whether you have massive followers or not. I will guide you step by step in this article so that you will understand the process quickly.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform that operates under meta, which is far the trendiest social media platform with more than 3.8 billion downloads and approximately 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide;

from this, you can imagine the potential to earn money and fame, right? Many people in the world started their professional journey on Instagram from scratch.

Today they are celebrities. You cannot imagine making huge bucks; many people have become millionaires and billionaires using their Instagram audience, like kylie Jenner.

Many people think that Instagram pays us salaries based on our quantity of followers, but it is not valid. Instagram does not pay anything yet in Pakistan, but it is testing its IGTV feature in some premium countries.

If it works, I think it will work like youtube, which pays us from the ads in our video. Moreover, there are thousands of ways you can earn huge money than you think if you take it seriously.

Requirements to earn money on Instagram in Pakistan.

Till now, if you stick to the content, then I can assume that you are serious about earning money from Instagram, and this is the quality of successful people; in addition to this,

I will tell you the long-term method to earn money from Instagram, not the short-term approach because I want to be honest and guide you to the career you can make using Instagram, so the following are the step you should keep in mind before starting your journey.

Firstly, you should give yourself self-time to analyze your inters or passion, and after evaluating, select a category from your interest and your skill set like tech, healthcare, beauty, etc.

After assessing it, make a professional business account related to that category and upload quality content. This will take time. Once a time comes, you will have thousands of potential audiences attached to you, and with this audience, you can earn in different ways.

Secondly, you should be consistent and active in your category and upload daily to make a strong connection with your audience. Ultimately these audiences will give you more than you think.

Lastly, be patent because this can take time to build a strong network will recommend you to be patent and work consistently for at least six months to see the result. After that, when the result comes, they will amaze you.

Top 7 ways to earn money on Instagram in Pakistan

Following are the ways you can earn money on Instagram in Pakistan. So read all of the courses, and once you have done, select one from below and give you 100 percent in that to earn money; after that, when you reach a point, you can make money with other steps as well.


IGTVĀ  also known as Instagram tv is a video platform that designed by meta to help creators earn money from Instagram through ads like youtube ads

basically, Instagram is testing this feature in some countries when it is all set then it will launch this feature in Pakistan and then people can earn money by posting long videos. so till now, this feature is not enabled in Pakistan

so I will recommend you select an interest and skilled-based category and upload videos from now because there is almost no competition in Pakistan

so you could get viral with less effort and when you will have watched time, as well as some audience and well IGTV, will launch in Pakistan then you can earn a handsome amount from day one this seems awkward

but when IGTV launches in Pakistan and then you will start making videos then I think it will be impossible for you to achieve a milestone

so this is the protip begin today and upload videos based on your interest consistently then once the time comes you will be grateful for me.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote the products of different companies. When someone purchases from your affiliate link, you will get a commission on an individual product ranging from 2% to 50% of the original product price.

This sounds crazy, but it is reality; you will have a strong network on Instagram, then you can make huge money, and you can be a millionaire. So, to do this, you have to make an e-business account on Instagram, select an interest-based category, and upload content reviewing a product.

In the end, instruct your audience to purchase from your link the best part of affiliate marketing is that you can start earning from day one.

You do not require to have millions of followers. You can start with existing followers. There are dozens of affiliate programs in Pakistan, and I recommend you go with the Daraz affiliate program, where you will get at least 10% of the commission per sold product.

Sponsored post

Another way to earn huge money from Instagram is by uploading a sponsored post. Well, a sponsored post is a type of post promoting a company’s product or service through your account.

A sponsored post is the most common and used way to earn money in Pakistan. To get a sponsored post from a company, you need a fan following, and based on the fan following, the company gives you money for uploading their promotional post on your account.

So for this, you need fam; if you have more than 10 thousand followers, then you can earn 20$ per post, and the number goes on increasing with the increasing number of followers.

Building follower is not that difficult; if you upload quality content consistently for six months, I can guarantee you that you can gain at least 100K followers. From this, you can earn at least 500$ per month, which can be your secondary income.


Another popular way to earn huge, massive money from Instagram is to make an e-commerce store. Well, e-commerce is the process in which you sell physical products online.

Many people are doing the same thing and making millions of dollars by just doing this simple task. What you have to do is that you have to select your favorite product in your area either.

It could be dry fruit, shoes, clothes, etc. desire a product and make an Instagram page and upload quality pictures describing the product and give your WhatsApp number for business queries, and when a customer comes and purchases a product, then offer them the price. After that,

send him the Product through TCS by deciding your profit when they pay. You could not imagine how much money you can make from this addition to this; if you are shy to produce content, then I will recommend you make an e-commerce page On Instagram.

And sell your local product; believe me, you will get orders from all over the world. After you get revenue, you can make a website, make a brand, and earn millions of rupees like Astore, gbdryfruitsupplyers, etc.

Sell services

Another way to earn huge money from Instagram in Pakistan is to buy selling your services; if you have any skills like content writing, graphic designing, programming, etc.

then you can earn thousands of dollars; for this, you have to analyze your talent and, based on it, make a business account and post content based on your craft.

When you have a small fan following, they can reach you for your services; from this, you can make a fantastic amount of money. You can be a millionaire in less amount of time literally if you get any one client

then you can earn quickly 100K a month and imagine if you would have a USA client, then you can be amazed because they can pay you 1000$ for one project like this you could make your agency.

When you have a strong network of clients, you can hire people to do the job, and you can overview the project like this, and you can earn huge, huge money.

Instagram influencers

Instagram influencers are those people who have a solid fan base through their content. People with more than 100K active followers are considered influencers

because they earn in 100 ways like they make money from shifting their audience to youtube. Furthermore, when a product is launched, mobile phones are called for the launching ceremony,

and they are gifted the phones and money to post their picture on their cellphone. Moreover, they are also sent on foreign trips free of cost to show their product to influencers’ audiences.

Product review

Another way to earn money from Instagram is by reviewing companies’ productS. Like when you will have strong fam, then you are reached by brands to promote their product through your account.

Moreover, they can send the product for you to review or unbox it if you accept their sponsorship. You will get the product free of cost plus a handsome amount of money.

With that, you can do affiliate marketing as well, like you can instruct your audience to purchase the product from your link, then you can get a commission like this you can earn a handsome amount by just reviewing the product.


Q1: How do you get paid money on Instagram?

Ans: till now, Instagram does not pay officially from their platform, but you can earn money in various ways as mentioned in the article, so read the article so that you will understand the process effectively

Q2: How many Instagram followers do you need to get paid?

Ans: well, there are no criteria for followers that you need to make money on Instagram. As we know, Instagram now does not pay any penny for its creators; you can earn money from 100 followers in various ways. You can consult the methods mentioned above.

Q3: Can you make money from Instagram posts?

Ans: yes, you can make massive money from the Instagram post if you have strong fam on Instagram. If not, then read the article. You can earn money also in another way.

Q4: How much money do 1000 Instagram followers make?

Ans: it depends on men that what kind of followers do you have? If they are loyal ones who can support you at any time, then you can make at least 30K per month.


At last, I hope you have fully understood how to earn money on Instagram in Pakistan and found the ways and tricks to make money, so this is the time to work.

Be serious, find a category you love the most, and upload quality content on that category consistently for at least six months; then, you will get results, and I’m sure you will be amazed at the result.

So if you loved the article, please share it with the one who needs it the most, and if you want to know how to make money online in Pakistan without investment, click here. Thanks.

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