How to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan 2023


Every one of us is well familiar with TikTok, right? If not then let me share this TikTok which was last known as musically a Chinese-based short videos app

which was built and launched internationally by byte dance in August 2018. After its launch it has gained peaks of success in a short period

as of December 2022 this iconic app has been downloaded 2.6 billion times worldwide and it has more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Furthermore, only in Pakistan, this app has almost 20 million monthly active users so from these stats you can predict the potential of this platform in addition to this,

at initially times people were thinking that TikTok is used only for entertainment but now people are earning huge amounts of money through different streams through TikTok.

Moreover, we all know that there is no direct process that TikTok pays for creators but in this article, I will give you the 5 best ways that how to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan step by step

so without wasting time let’s explore the ways mentioned below.

How to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan

  1. Promote your services
  2. Sell different accounts
  3. Be an influencer
  4. E-commerce
  5. Shot out

Promote your services


One of the fast and best ways to earn money from TikTok, especially in Pakistan is by promoting and selling your services or skills, for example,

If you have graphic designing or any other skill then you can make millions of money from that skill firstly, identify what skill or expertise you have then make an account and start uploading content related to your

skill and with time royal followers will link to you after that when you would have some number of followers then just make an advertisement video related to selling your service within that niche by giving contact details

after that, you would not believe that many no people will contact you related to buying your services like this you can negotiate with the customers and sell your skill as a freelancer and you would be earning

huge money by sitting at your home. Moreover, many people are doing this and earning huge money firstly they gain followers after that they in strict their followers to order their services through fivver after that they

get orders as well their gig ranks in the top positions and they also get many orders organically as well like this they earn from TikTok as well as from fivver.

Sell different accounts


This method is a secret to earn money from TikTok many anonymous people in Pakistan are doing this and earning a very good amount of money by selling TikTok accounts, Facebook pages, monetized YouTube

channels and google AdSense approved websites, etc. now you would be thinking that you do not have any Accounts having huge no of followers or AdSense approved websites then how you can I make money then

do not worry the thing you have to do is that just join different buying and selling Facebook groups and just purchase any good followed account from cheap prices and after that promote that account via TikTok

internationally in propose of selling by siding away your profit margin. You would not believe that these types of accounts are sold in minutes you can make a 50% to 100% profit margin in minutes.

Moreover, this type of work does not require any type of skill if you have an English language advantage then you can sell this type of account and pages to premium countries like the US, UK, Canada, etc.

and people will pay you more than 3 times of the actual price of the account now it depends upon you and your selling skill there are billions of potential customers on TikTok.

Be an influencer

If you want to make a career and want to earn long-term through TikTok then I will suggest you be an Influencer means a person or group of people who influence a group of people through their content are

called influencers there can be various influencers in various niches you have to select the niche based on your interest and make creative content on that niche after that you will gain a good number of followers

then you will get brand deals that will sponsor you to promote their products like this you will make a huge amount of money at any time. Furthermore, if you would be having a great following then big brands can

appoint you as their brand ambassador like this you can visualize your upgradation and popularity.

moreover, you can shift your fans to earn money from different streams like YouTube in addition to that you can also launch your clothing brand and huge money through business.


If you want to be a millionaire then eCommerce is the best way to achieve your dream eCommerce means selling products employing the internet. This is a new and trending method by which people are making

millions of bucks and building digital brands through TikTok. The thing you have to do is just visit your local supermarket and select a small and useful product and make a promotional video related to that product by

describing its feature after that make a TikTok account and upload the kind of videos that give your WhatsApp no in the ticker to purchase that specific product after some times when your videos will start

getting views real customer will contact to your related to the product just negotiate with the customers

by taking out your profit margin after that when he agrees upon the price just collect the money from the customers, purchase that product and shipped to the customers address through any courier service.

you would not believe how much you can make from a single product if it gets viral this promotes every product which you think will be useful for the customers

after that if one of the products gets viral then you would not believe how many orders you will receive.


This is also one of the hidden and best ways to earn money from TikTok indirectly if you have thousands of followers then different accounts will contact you related to giving a shoutout to their small account you can

charge some money for 1 promotional video on your account and just like this, you will have thousands of orders of people to promote their account like this you can make a good amount of money from it.

Furthermore, you can send traffic to your blog and earn huge amounts of money from google AdSense you can review different apps and in strict your users to download that particular app from your website and if

your video will get viral then you will get thousands of traffic organically form google and from this, you can earn a good amount of money you could not imagine. Moreover, you can make a YouTube channel and

upload videos after that make a video shouting out to your YouTube channel, and from this,

your traffic will be diverted to your YouTube channel and you would be having a fanbase on YouTube as well from them you can earn from google AdSense, sponsorships and promotions, etc.


Q1: Does TikTok pay you in Pakistan?

Ans: well, in Pakistan there is no direct method TikTok pays rather you can get 140 rupees per referral and people are earning indirectly from TikTok traffic

Q2: How do I start earning from TikTok?

Ans: If you are smart enough then the sky is the limit you can make millions of dollars from TikTok and the new and trending ways to earn money are mentioned above

Q3: Can we earn money from TikTok?

Ans: yes, you can earn unlimited money from TikTok in various ways like sponsorships, brand deals, influencing, etc., and the secret methods are mentioned above

Q4: How much does TikTok pay for 1k?

Ans: as I already mentioned that there is no direct way TikTok pays in Pakistan but if you have 1000 followers then you can use these followers to make a good amount of money

for you now for this, you can experiment with the new methods mentioned in the above article


Finally, I’m confident that I can make your mind related to how to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan believe me the methods mentioned above are the secret ones which have been purchased by me from different

creators these types of secret methods will not be seen freely now I recommend you take one method and start working on it after some time

I mean that you will gain comfortable financial stability now using the power of TikTok and short videos to earn money, in a nutshell, please visit prowala for new and exciting updates like this.

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