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How to connect any Wi-Fi without a password? This search query become one of the most search queries on the internet in recent years because of the advancement in technology.

Nowadays, the internet has been a burring daily life commodity for people just like water, people cannot live without a mobile phone and the internet

because its people have been addicted to social media and the consumption of the internet has exponentially risen day by day.

Sometimes what happens that we go to an unknown place where we get cut off from our local internet and at that time, we get the craving for the internet we explore different Wi-Fi in that location, and once we found Wi-Fi networks,

we start putting random passwords so that we get connected to that particular network but in 99% of cases we get fail to connect to Wi-Fi in addition to it what happens is that we feel shy to ask for the password.

So, by following that burning problem there are many apps which have successfully solved this problem by using that app you can see the password of any unknown Wi-Fi and start connecting to it for absolutely free furthermore,

based on this problem I will curate and give you 7 solutions from which you can connect any Wi-Fi without password. Let’s get started.

Note: The apps and ways mentioned below are researched from online data and it is truly for educational purposes.

7 ways to connect to any Wi-Fi without a password

  1. Wi-Fi WPA WPS tester
  2. Wi-Fi analyzer
  3. Osmino WIFI
  4. WIFI magic
  5. WIFI warden
  6. Wi-Fi master
  7. Instabridge

Wi-Fi WPA WPS tester


One of the most amazing apps which I used in my childhood to connect to any unknown Wi-Fi without a password was Wi-Fi WPA WPS tester.

One of the features of this app is that you can check the security of your access point Wi-Fi that whether there is an issue in your network related to a speed test.

furthermore, there is an option of a Wi-Fi cracker by using this app you can generate various passwords for the unknown Wi-Fi to connect.

First what you have to do is select the WIFI which you want to connect now select the option Wi-Fi password crack and select no root after that it will analyze that network by using its algorithms and insert different pins and finally

it connects with any of the pins. Moreover, this app has more than a 100million downloads on android. With that this app is purchased on google pay you can download the mod apk to get it free.

Features of Wi-Fi WPA WPS tester

  • It can check the problems related to speed in your network
  • It can help to recover your forgotten Wi-Fi password
  • It can be used to hack another Wi-Fi
  • Lite weight and attractive user interference


Wi-Fi analyzer

As the name suggests, Wi-Fi Analyzer is one of the top Wi-Fi analyzer apps which gives you all the information related to available Wi-Fi networks in a graphical and illustrational way, when you open the app, it will

automatically fetch all the available networks on your region, their quality of speed, no of users, signal strength, etc. from which you can identify the fast, less crowded and strong network to join and ultimately it will start to

connect that network on your mobile phone. Moreover, you can study your desired Wi-Fi network with the help of different graphs and pie charts. furthermore, this amazing app is used by more than 10 million users only on the

google play store and it is rated 3.7 stars on the android play store. The best thing about this app is that it has a free version so you do not have to worry.

Features of Wi-Fi analyzer

  • Graphical representation of individual networks
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • Collects in-depth data from networks


Osmino Wi-Fi

One of the shocking apps which are recently known about Wi-Fi was osmino Wi-Fi when I research its feature I get shocked by its amazing characteristic basically by using this app you can automatically connect to your nearest wife

without a password like when you open osmino apps, you will see a map of your location and all the available Wi-Fi hotspots you can select your desired one and the app automatically connects the network in addition to it, it works

like host which saves your Wi-Fi password and it shares this password with the users trying to connect your network, etc. moreover, it has more than 1 million downloads only on the google play store and it is rated 4 stars.

Features of osmino Wi-Fi

  • You can deeply view the networks through the map
  • It automatically connects the Wi-Fi without a password
  • It automatically saves the previously connected Wi-Fi password


Wi-Fi magic


Wi-Fi magic is another amazing and useful Wi-Fi cracking app that is specifically built for public networks. It is just a collective app in which you save your network in their database and some unknown in your area can use this

password and connect to it. Like this, it stores all the passwords of Wi-Fi from any location on its database and someone uses this app to access this network free of cost. We can infer from this app that the more users get to

increase the more common this app becomes and the more accurate it will become to use Wi-Fi without a password. furthermore, only the play store has more than 10 million downloads

and it has a 4-star rating on the android play store, unfortunately, this amazing app is on a paid subscription you cannot use this freely.

Features of Wi-Fi magic

  • Collaborative public Wi-Fi connecting system
  • This app does not demand personal data
  • Easy to use


WIFI warden

This is another amazing app that works on the same strategy of Wi-Fi magic, osmino Wi-Fi, etc. basically by using this app you can view the available Wi-Fi in your location and you can connect to them when the password is

shared with this app. Furthermore, you can see and audit your Wi-Fi that who has connected to it, its speed, and if you wish you can share the password with this community so that any unknown person can connect to it by using

this app you can also secure your network. This app has more than 10 million downloads and it is rated 4.1 stars on the play store. Moreover,

this app works on android version 5.0 and up. in addition to it, this app is also on the paid version

Features of Wi-Fi warden

  • Connect to available Wi-Fi password saved on their database
  • You can deeply audit your network
  • Save and secure


Wi-Fi master

One of my favorite apps in the world is Wi-Fi master it is also a very useful app that connects any Wi-Fi without a password in this app volunteers from all over the world share their Wi-Fi password and the password gets stored in

their data-based and whenever you use this app for connecting to any Wi-Fi then this app checks the password for this network from their database and if it found the password then it connects to that network.

Moreover, you can also be a volunteer by saving your Wi-Fi password in their app so that any needy person can use your Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, by using this app you can check the performance of your network and you can even recover your WIFI password if you have forgotten it.

This app has currently more than 100 million downloads on the play store and it is rated 4.4 stars which means that it is worth helping.

Features of Wi-Fi master

  • Huge no of shareable Wi-Fi passwords in their database
  • Absolutely for free
  • Smoothly works on every device



For connecting to any Wi-Fi without a password, the name of the instabridge is enough. Well, in this app whenever you explore different Wi-Fi and start to connect to them, and whenever you connect to any Wi-Fi the password of

that Wi-Fi is saved in the database of instabridge and it is freely available for other users of instabridge like this it exponentially collects millions of Wi-Fi hotspot passwords that are available for its users.

Moreover, the app claims that it has collected more than 10 million WIFI passwords and hotspots. furthermore, it can also help you to secure your network and analyze your network.

This app has more than 100 million downloads in the play store and it is rated 4 stars.

Features of instabridge

  • Get easily connected to public Wi-Fi
  • Free to use
  • Trusted as rated by almost 2 million people
  • User-friendly app

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Q1: Is it possible to connect to WiFi without a password?

Ans: yes it is possible at almost 90% to use anyone’s wifi without a password with the above-mentioned apps.

Q2: How can I get WiFi anywhere without a password?

Ans: For connecting to any wifi without a password use any one of the above-mentioned apps

Q3: How can I connect to any Wi-Fi for free?

Ans: using wifi for free you need to try using instabridge, wifi master, etc which probably can help you

Final words

If you have been stuck till the end then I am sure that you have learned something related to how to connect to any wifi without a password now it is your time to check any unknown wifi using the above apps so that it may help you. finally, visit prowala for regular updates.

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