Gringo XP V63 Injector APK: Download VIP Free Fire Mod Menu App

Gringo xp apk

Are you seeking unlimited health, diamonds, auto headshot, and aim Bot in Free Fire? Then you are in the right place because now it is possible with Gringo XP apk thanks to its developer, who has made a fascinating APK that can be used in the free fire to get all the mod features like unlimited health, headshot, and Aim bot for free. So in this article, we will guide you on how to get Gringo XP apk for free and discuss its features, so without wasting time, let’s get started.

What is Gringo XP Free Fire?

Basically, Gringo XP is a Free Fire VIP mod injector that is used in the free fire game to get special features that can be used to shoot down players in less than a second without losing health or having a shortage of Aimo.

Moreover, this fantastic app offers unlimited health, auto headshot, diamonds, and Aimbot. In addition, you can unlock all the premium character skins for free without paying a single penny and the uncountable features it holds.

If you are a Free Fire lover and obsessed with the game, you should try this fantastic app. It will make you love the game, and with its marvelous features, you can suppress your opponents in less than a second.

Download gringo xp v62 Injector APK

Gringo XP Free Fire Features

Well, there are many unique and marvelous features of Gringo XP ask, which are the most necessary features needed by a Free Fire player in its game, so the characteristics of Gringo XP APK are mentioned below.

Menu Player

  • Speed Hack
  • Fly hack
  • Jump hack 
  • Ghost hack
  • Weapon speed increase
  • Fly speed

Menu Drive

  • Teleport car
  • Teleport track
  • Fly car
  • Underground Car

Menu ESP Player

  • ESP health
  • ESP Name
  • ESP box
  • ESP Name

Menu Aimbot

  • Aimbot scope
  • Aimbot firing
  • Aimbot auto firing
  • Aim kill 
  • Magic damage
  • ESP Granade
  • Aim bot

Menu ESP Vehicle

  • ESP name
  • ESP distance

Menu Extra Hack

  • Wallhack drive
  • Wallhack stone

Pros and cons of using Gringo xp Free fire


  • You get unlimited health by which you can win the game at any cost
  • You get unlimited Aimo, because of which there is no need to run to collect it
  • You get a magic fire feature from which you can kill the enemy without seeing him
  • You get unlimited diamonds to purchase the characters you want without paying a single penny


  • It is a third-party apk that can steal your data
  • It is a third-party apk that can show up unnecessary ads to you
  • By using this apk your main account can get banned
  • Sometimes it cannot work

GringoXP Free Fire Mod Honest Review

In the review section, we will focus on both aspects of the apk. When we talk about the positive side of this app, then we all know that it is not an app.

It is a gem that gives all of your desired features in the game, ranging from unlimited health to flying the car and using it will make you deeply attached to this game.

On the other hand, if we will talk about the negative side, it is unethical, like you are stealing someone’s revenue source and manipulating the game’s ecosystem now; it depends upon you whether you are using it or not.

Our job is just to give you honest information about Gringo XP. We are not associated with this app by any means; this article is just for educational purposes.

Gringo XP Login Key:

When you download the Gringo XP and try to open it will ask for the password, so the password is free.

How to install Gringo xp free fire

  • First, click on the download button at the beginning of the post 
  • You will get a download button click once again
  • It will ask, are you sure to download click download
  • Once the download opens it
  • Enable unknown resources
  • Click install. After that, put the password
  • Now enjoy its free features


At last, I hope that you have got an idea related to how to download the latest version of Gringo XP free fire injector apk and its A to Z features. Just use this app and enjoy its features; for further updates, visit the prowala daily.

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