7 Best Tech Websites 2023


If you are a tech addictive person like me then you would be craving to get updates related to the latest technology news, products, or inventions.

As we can see that day new technological updates are coming and being a techy guy it’s our responsibility to get updated on this news so today in this article,

I will be giving you the top 7 best tech websites in 2022 that will blow your mind and which will give you the latest authentic information related to tech

that will help you to get updated with the latest news all the websites mentioned below are of my personal use and from which I consult them personally. So, stick to the article till the end to get the best insights.

Best tech websites 2022

  1. Tech crunch
  2. Tech Radar
  3. Business insider
  4. Digital Trends
  5. Gizmodo
  6. Wired
  7. The verge

Tech crunch


Every industry has a king who is known for its unique strength likewise, tech crunch is considered the king of the tech industry well, tech crunch is the world’s largest tech newspaper company which only focuses on every kind of

tech and startup news. Tech Crunch was launched in 2005 by Archimedes Ventures after that it has been sold to different companies and as of 2022 tech crunch is under yahoo’s kingship. According to a similar web tech crunch

has around 12.8 million monthly active users. This tech giant covers its news in Startups, ventures, Crypto, Apps, etc. all around the world.

Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur then you should visit this website regularly because it covers amazing and interesting news about startups from all around the world.

Why to visit Tech crunch

  • Covers latest tech ad startups news
  • It offers authentic reviews related to tech gadgets, products, etc.
  • It also covers updates related to new and old apps.

Tech Radar


Another big name in the tech world is techradar.com. This site focuses on technology news and the majority on reviews on different new and old gadgets like apps, laptops, mobile phones, etc. moreover, it has a blog page where

you can how to guide related to problems occurring within the gadgets as of some research it is suggested that customer whenever buys something from the reference of tech radar always have started 4+ ratting after buying

the product so it is inferred that the reviews of the products promoted here are tested and authentic.

Furthermore, according to the similar web, it has 43.9 million monthly active users in the USA as of 2022 likewise, the majority of its users are from the USA and it is ranked 28 in the tech category.

Why to visit Tech Radar

  • Authentic reviews related to tech gadgets
  • Covers the latest tech news
  • Covers new gadgets and news fastly
  • Covers how to guide related to gadgets.

Business insider

If you are a person who is interested in business and technology then you should visit business insiders regularly. If you do not know about business insiders then let me, tell your business insider is words one of the biggest media

companies which focus on Tech, Finance, reviews, and business categories which was founded in 2007. This website is considered the most authentic brand to provide valuable knowledge related to technology and business

furthermore, according to a similar web it has 98 million monthly active users and is ranked 18 among news and media publishers moreover, it has almost 1000 employees working on this website. It is considered one of the

fastest websites to provide business and technological news. Furthermore, it has a premium subscription plan where you get a variety of features absolutely for free.

Why visit Business insider

  • Covers a variety of daily life news in one platform
  • Authentic and trustworthy information
  • Delivers the fastest news occurring in the world related to technology business etc.

Digital Trends

The word digital trends state that this website will cover all the new trends or news related to technology well, digital trends is another amazing website offering its services in tech news, gadgets reviews, how-to tutorials, etc.

This site was launched in 2006 by the digital trends media group. According to a similar web, this tech tycoon has approximately 19 million monthly active users furthermore it ranks 75 in the computer electronics and technology

category. The unique thing about Digital trends is that all the products which are reviewed here are tested by their product experts and they also how guide blogs related to the problems associated with tech gadgets they have also

video tutorials which I think so is the best monopoly in this sector. The majority of digital trends focus is to reviewing the new upcoming products and services.

Why visit Digital trends

  • Considered the best source for product reviews
  • Cover technological news instantly
  • Be neutral while reviewing a product or a service


Gizmodo is another big name in the tech industry that provides information related to Tech, Reviews, how-to, Science, Spaceflight, etc. They extensively cover the latest technological news, and gadgets reviews even though

they provide a how-to guide in video format related to problems associated with gadgets both software and hardware.

furthermore, if you are a gadget lover who loves to know about different tech gadgets, their launching ceremony their features, etc.

then Gizmodo can be your desired crush, in addition to it, they have a separate video page for the latest tech news and reviews. This is one of the oldest tech blogs offering its services for almost 20 years.

According to a similar web, this website receives almost 18 million monthly active users and it ranks 41 in the computers, electronics, and technology category. Moreover, the majority of their user base is from the united states.

Why visit Gizmodo

  • An encyclopedia of gadgets reviews
  • Covers a wide range of tech news from all around the world
  • Good stuff related to how-to guides in video format.


If you are a serious tech enthusiast then you probably have heard about wired.com if not then let me tell you wired is one of the top tech blogs covering tech and gadgets news exclusively from all around the world the best thing I

love about wired is that it just telecast live events of different tech event which makes us interested in their website furthermore, the unique thing I like about wired is that they provide future technological trends in their

website which makes it more interested to read the articles. They cover almost everything related to technology and its impacts on our daily life. Moreover, they provide a piece of detailed information in these categories

Business, Culture, Gear, Ideas, Science, etc. According to a similar web, this tech website receives 20 million monthly active users from all around the world

with that it ranks 42 in the computers electronics and technology category and it has the majority of users from the united states.

Why visit Wired

  • It gives predictions related to the impacts of new technology on cultures
  • Offers live telecast on their platform
  • Detailed tech news

The verge

The coolest and one of my favorite tech-specific websites is the verge. This website covers all the kinds of stuff related to tech like blockchain, crypto, web 3, NFTs, and augmented and virtual reality.

Moreover, the majority of their focus is on new and old gadget reviews. They have an excellent YouTube channel covering tech and gadget news detailed and authentically.

This tech tycoon was launched in 2011 after that it gained huge popularity in terms of tech.

Furthermore, they have a separate page dedicated to experts who share their opinions and future prediction related to emerging technologies and their effect on the traditions, cultures, and lifestyles of people.

According to a similar web, this website receives approximately 46 million monthly active users and it ranks 42 in news categories.

Why visit the verge

  • Authentic and detailed information related to different emerging technology
  • A detailed review of different gadgets
  • Alluring tech information on YouTube channel.


Q1: What is the best tech website?

Ans: well, every website mentioned above are best tech website but if you specifically focus on technological news then TechCrunch is the best one

Q2: How do I keep up with the latest tech news?

Ans: to get updated with the latest tech news just visit any of the tech websites regularly.

Final words

At least I hope that you have loved the content related to the best tech websites in 2022. The websites mentioned above are based on my personal use,

if you are a tech-addicted person then visit these websites to get updated with the latest technology news in the world plus the latest gadgets reviews.

If this is found helpful share it with your techy friend ad kindly visit prowala regularly for new interesting updates.

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