7 Best free apps for small business owners


This is the era of technology and everything is automating day by day and different

useful apps are published in the market daily which is reducing human efforts by their

awesome features in every industry like tech, finance, healthcare, business, etc.

so today in this article I will give you the list of the 7 best free apps for the small business

owner which will help you to manage, automate and scale your business easily

if you are a business owner or running a startup then

this is very special for you so do not miss at the end. let’s dive into this

Best free apps for small business owners 2022

  1. Instagram
  2. Evernote
  3. Canva
  4. PayPal
  5. WhatsApp Business
  6. Zoom
  7. TikTok


best free apps for small business owners

If you are an entrepreneur running a business on small scale then based on my

experience you should have an Instagram page for your business because this is the

era of social media, everyone is on social media just only in

Instagram as of July 2022 there are approximately 1.44 billion monthly active

users and the figure is increasing day to day from here we can analyze that your

potential customers are available on this platform which is waiting for

you so just make an Instagram page related to your business and upload engaging content

related to your category promote your products digitally through this page

after some time you would be getting a huge no of new clients from this business

will scale and you would be getting too much revenue.

Why use Instagram

  • Good platform for hunting clients
  • Good for marketing your business and product



One of the most productive apps every business should use is Evernote it is a task

managing and note-taking app which lets you create notes and collect images,

documents, and recordings in one place, and the best thing about

Evernote is the majority of its features are free so you can use them to manage your business and increase productivity.

furthermore, you can share these with your team members You can jot down your ideas even when you are offline.

Why use Evernote

  • Easily share your notes with team members
  • Good for business presentations


If you are a futuristic entrepreneur then you would be knowing about Canva if not then

let me, tell you that Canva is an almost free graphic designing tool that provides high

quality templates for almost every category like posters,

logos, infographics, etc. The thing I recommend this tool is that if your business

does not have any graphic designers this tool will fulfill the demand for a graphic designer

by using this tool you can make professional logos for your

business, you can make high-quality business cards, business presentations,

posters, billboards, Boucher, etc. so that you would not spend a single penny in making

these types of stuff all you will make will be free.

Moreover, you can create different social media ads with this platform,

TikTok ads, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Why use Canva

  • Great graphic designing tool
  • You can create quality content in minutes
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality free kinds of stuff


PayPal is one of the largest financial technology companies that is operating in

200 countries in the world as of 2022 it has almost 392 million monthly active users and

around 29 million merchant accounts the reason for

recommending this app is that you will promote your business online then there are

huge chances that some of the customers will purchase your services out of your

the country now you will give your services but how will you receive

the payments so that’s why I recommend PayPal because it abandonly uses overall the

a world so when a customer approaches you from out of the country then you would be

flexible in giving your PayPal account no for the

transaction so that it will be easy for you as well as the customer. Moreover, you can

transfer funds to your friends, family, or a business purpose out of the country through PayPal without any fee that’s amazing right?

Why use PayPal

  • No transactions fee for sending money from one person to another
  • Easily accept international payments without a huddle
  • Buy transactions too much you get rewards and you can convert these rewards into money.

WhatsApp Business

The must-have app for every business owner is the WhatsApp business account if you do

not have then you must create it instantly because this is the only platform from which

you can connect with your customers as we all are

familiar with WhatsApp which is the world’s most-used messaging app and as of 2022 it

has 2 billion monthly active users so they have launched a useful app for small

businesses because it will help you to make deals and negotiate

with you, customers as from online media when you hunt clients then the only

a platform were to talk about customers is WhatsApp business

moreover, the amazing feature of WhatsApp business is that you can set auto message

when a new client replies to you so that the customer will be happy with your quick response.

Why use WhatsApp business

  • Easily engage with your customers globally
  • Private and secure communication with customers
  • Connect with an international audience


Who does not know about zoom this amazing app reached its peaked growth in a

pandemic as it gained 237% growth in 2022 if you do not know about zoom then let me

tell you to zoom is the world’s largest video conferencing platform where you can host a meeting in high quality virtually.

The purpose of recommending this app to you is that you can host meetings with your

employees related to your business processes no matter whether you are

around your business or not you can discuss related to business with your employees

when they are on holiday too. Moreover, the conducted session will be recorded so that you can use it further.

Why use zoom

  • You can host one to one meetings with your desired people
  • You can conduct group meetings with up to 500 participants
  • You can share the screen with your participant
  • The conducted session will be recorded


As we know that form recent years short video has created disruption in the videos

industry and TikTok was the cause behind it this innovative giant was launched in 2016

and in just 6 years it has gained more than 1 billion

monthly active users due to the huge popularity it has threatened Google,

YouTube, Instagram, etc. Many businesses are promoting their business through TikTok

and getting huge popularity and leads.so I will recommend you to make an account for

your business on TikTok and regularly update content based on your product and

business after some time your customers will find you and if they love your product then they

will ask you related to the product and finally, you can get conversions. This seems a

small thing but believe me, you will get that many customers that you could not imagine

and like this, your business will grow exponentially.

Why use TikTok

  • Easily scale your business
  • Get instant clients
  • Build and viral your brand



Q1: What is the most profitable app?

Ans: The most profitable app for small business owners is canvas you can use this app for making engaging content

Q2: How do I create a free app for my business?

Ans: well, you will not make an effective app for free but you can create an amazing one at less cost by using services on Fivver

Q3: What is the best online business app?

Ans: well, there are many best business apps you can check the top list in the article and  if you want an all-in-one online business app then WhatsApp business is the perfect one


At last, I hope that I have been able to clear your query regarding the best free apps for

small business owners if you will use the above-mentioned apps effectively then I can

guarantee that your business will show huge growth

so just download the above-mentioned apps and start using these apps effectively so that you can grow your business to the top

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