Best free Android apps 2022


Hey, guys are you looking for the best free android apps in 2022 then you are in the right place today I will share your top 10 most useful free apps that will blow your mind.

if you are an android lover then you would probably love different apps and third-party apps because they play a huge role in solving our problems furthermore,

I think that without apps the smartphone is worthless moreover, with the advancement of technology different apps have been the assistants we do not have to be conscious about every work we do

every work is done by different free apps so explore the top apps provided to you in the following article.

Top 10 Best free Android apps 2022

  1. Tiktok
  2. Youtube
  3. Linkedin
  4. Gb WhatsApp
  5. Insta bridge
  6. Pikashow
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Lightroom
  9. HD sreamz
  10. Google maps


Tiktok is early known musically as a Chinese-based short video app where content is posted first 15 sec to 10 minutes.

it was launched globally in 2017 both on ios and android and it has become the fastest growing brand in the world with more than 2 billion downloads and over 1 billion active users according to many companies like Cloudflare consider TikTok the world’s fastest and most used brand in world surprising google

since its popularity from covid it has been a thread too many big brands like google, youtube, Facebook and Instagram, etc till now today it has more than 1 billion monthly active users and over 3 billion downloads more than 1 billion monthly active users.

It is an entertainment app where you get a variety of content with minimum effort in a short period. after its huge popularity, many brands have coped it a short video strategy to compete with it like YouTube shorts, Instagram and Facebook reels, etc.

Pros of using TikTok

It provides you with a wide range of entertainment in a short period

so that you would be entertained for a short period you do not have to pay anything for the subscription to Spotify

You get to know about the latest trends occurring within the country or outside of the country You can be an overnight celebrity and earn millions of money because of being a content creator on

TikTok like Khaby lame, Mr faisu, and Jannat Mirzaa

You can bring lots of conversions to your business by using TikTok and making content related to your brand You can earn lots of money by doing affiliate marketing and bringing traffic to your business.

Cons of using Tiktok

If you are an entertainment lover then it can be a serious addiction once you will get into these apps then it will enable you to get out because it shows content based on your interests.

It can be big destruction to your work

It can badly influence your mind and action because of the bullshit trends.



YouTube is a video-sharing platform and the world’s second-largest search engine in the world without over 2 billion active users.

It is a purchased product of google which create a huge disruption in the video streaming platform it seems crazy but according to some sources YouTube has been downloaded more than 10 billion times.

Today billions of people are getting high-class education from youtube without spending any penny with that many YouTubers have built their brands because of youtube and today they are playing in millions.

youtube is a source of earning like many content creators just upload content and based on that content youtube pays them to form the ads and on the other hand, users get it to query solved by watching videos.

Pros of using youtube

  • You get high-quality content for absolutely free
  • You can be a content creator and can earn huge money
  • You can build your brand on youtube and bring huge conversions for your physical business

Cons of using youtube

You could not get the trusted information because the video is uploaded and you do not have a way to connect to the content creator

It can be distracting if we use it more than the limit.



LinkedIn is a networking and employment-oriented platform which connect employees with corporates so that they can create a network and ultimately they can find the best employment for their businesses.

This platform was launched on 5 may 2003 and after that, it has got huge popularity on 2016 Microsoft purchased this platform for almost 26 billion dollars

furthermore, LinkedIn has almost 890 million users, and around 40% of them are paid users from them, it collected a revenue of 10 billion dollars.

Based on the research LinkedIn is considered the top professional networking platform according to Wikipedia as of May 2020 it has almost 18000 employees for the free version it uses Google Adsence as an advertising method.

Pros of using LinkedIn

  • You get connected with professionals where you can build networking
  • You can get a good job fast by staying up-to-date with this platform
  • You can also get good and professional employees for your business

Cons of using LinkedIn

  • Sometimes it can be disappointing because many jobs posted here are fake with the intent to scam you
  • For free users, it limits its premium features


Volume booster


One of the most amazing apps I have ever used is volume booster. It is a moded version of Whatsapp which provides an amazing feature to the burning problem of people using normal WhatsApp.

The most amazing feature of Gb Whatsapp I ever used is that whenever someone on your friend list sends a message on WhatsApp and deletes it emergently then you can not see the message

but using GB WhatsApp you can see the deleted messages on WhatsApp with that it has many amazing features like auto-reply, DNS, sending a maximum picture, etc.

moreover, it is a third-party app so I cannot guarantee your privacy but based on the data it has almost 6 million downloads and more than 3 million active users


Insta bridge

With the advancement of technology, every one of us uses the internet either it could be on mobile data or wifi and if you are wifi user then it would be difficult to run the internet in a remote area

furthermore if you get unknown wifi signals and you do not know the password then this app is built for you like by using this app you can unlock almost any wifi password and you can use it freely every day

there are millions of passwords that are updated which could help you to use wifi freely. it has almost 100 million downloads and around 20 million active users.

Pros of using install bridge

  • First of all, you get free wifi
  • In the majority of cases, you can hack unknown wifi and use it freely

Cons of using install bridge

  • It is illegal because you are using someone else wifi
  • It can not work in all the cases
  • It can collect your personal information.



Pikashow is a third-party android app that is built to help peoples who are interested in watching movies, web series, sports, etc for free.

There are many apps in the market offering these services like Netflix, Deezer, Disney plus, etc for paid but the thing is that there is no platform that provides the latest movies for free

so pikashow helps in filling this market gap. After it launched in the market it gained huge popularity and every new movie which is not released commercially is almost available in pikashow.

The features of this app are amazing it allows almost every user to play the content smoothly without disturbing by ads. moreover, it provides almost every entertainment category on a single platform.

Pros of using pikashow

  • You get all kinds of movies absolutely for free
  • You can watch every kind of entertainment like sports, Bollywood, web series, etc in one app
  • It is free from ads
  • It works on almost every device

Cons of using pikashow

  • It is a third-party app that can stop working anytime
  • It can be dangerous for your data
  • It can trace your search activity


Khan Academy

Khan academy is the world’s largest free education providing platform working on 501© 3 principal which was created in 2008 by Salman khan to provide high-class free education to deserving learners.

According to some research, it has almost 48 million registered users from 190 countries. It has no source of income from the platform but it gets millions of donations to make free content for people.

If you are a student and you are a curious learner looking to learn a new skill then you can concern with khan academy it has awesome content plus practice question.

Pros of using Khan academy

  • It is absolutely free
  • It has an almost wide range of courses
  • You can learn anything with your freedom

Cons of using khan academy

  • Well it is an online learning platform so there could be the least engagement
  • There is one teaching methodology so eventually, you get bored
  • It is not available in your local language and it can be difficult for you if you do not know English



It is photo editing software built by adobe basically if you are interested in photography then this app is perfect for you because using this app you can edit your images and make them attractive and look professional.

It works on a freemium model and it gives some features for free and many of the good features for paid there are many ways to get lightroom premium for free

you can download and install its mod apk for free and get its premium features for free. Lightroom is available on android, ios, mac windows, etc

Pros of using lightroom

  • You can edit your images in a professional way
  • You can learn this software and can earn huge money by selling your services
  • Cons of using lightroom
  • Most of its features are paid
  • It is much more difficult to learn it


HD streamz

HD streamz is a live streaming third-party platform that allows you to watch almost 1000 different live streaming channels absolutely for free

basically, by using this app, you can watch the live broadcast, documentaries, and sports there are many inbuilt features of this app like live streaming radio, and a wide range of channels it works on android version 4.2+

Pros of using HD streamz

  • It is easy to use
  • You get a variety of lime streaming channels

Cons of using HD streamz

  • It does not work on devices having android versions less than 4
  • It only focuses on live tv channels
  • It can be harmful


Transparent Pro live

It is a very useful product of the google  play store that focuses on live wallpaper previewing syatem it allows you to see the back side of your phone clearly while using your phone

if you are new to a place and searching for the desired location then you can consult google maps it will guide you in the best way

Pros of using transparent pro 

  • It is absolutely free
  • It can work like your assistant in teaching you
  • It is simple to use

Cons of using Transparent pro 

  • Buy using it can reduce human interaction
  • It needs the internet to work



Q1: What is the best free app for Android?

Ans: The best free android app of all time is Youtube no doubt it is the solution to our every problem

Q2 What is the best app for 2022?

Ans: above-mentioned concern apps in the article above

Q3: What is the Number 1 Free App?

Ans: The number one free app of all time is YouTube

Q4 What is the most useful app for Android?

Ans: Pikashow is the most useful android app for entertainment and lives telecasts.


Last, I hope that you have got the idea about Best free Android apps in 2022 which will help you with your daily problems

furthermore, these applications are filtered from millions of apps, If you found the article helpful then please visit prowala daily for regular updates.

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