10 Best apps for students 2023


If we will talk about the 90s then you must have heard from your elders how much they dedicated themselves to acquiring knowledge and how much it was difficult to get knowledge especially if they are from a third-world

country. Now in this modern era of technology education has become a common thing you can access top-class education from all around the world free of cost by sitting on your couch with the help of the internet.

In addition to this, various apps in the market help you related to studying, time management, Productivity, entertainment, etc. So in this article,

I will give you the 10 best apps for students that are anonymous and small yet they have mind-blowing features which will help you in your student life.

Best apps for students

  1. Hi-tech Phone Dialer
  2. Toppr
  3. Study Blue
  4. Google lens
  5. Office Lens
  6. Math way
  7. WAMR
  8. CamScanner
  9. Whats cropping
  10. Whats track
  11. Vani Meetings

Wave live wallpapers

One of the best phone dialers which will blow your mind and give your phone a stunning look Is the one and only wave live wallpapers which is available on the play store as one of the most downloaded phone dialers in recent history which are downloaded by than hundred thousand users and it is also rated as 4.4+ star on play store if you have an ancient smartphone then this dialer will give an amazing look to you daily when someone will call you.

Download for play store



One of the best and my favorite E-learning app in the market is toppr basically if you are a student then you must use this app because using this app you can solve your concepts and strengthens your skill in various subject and

ultimately you will score high marks in your exam. Furthermore, in this app, there are video lectures dedicated to different chapters quizzes, and solutions for each question. Moreover, it is considered the best app for entrance

exam preparation like Jee, neet, Aims, etc. In addition, it has its official question lens from which you can scan your desired question and get its solution plus answers in seconds.

If you are a student, you should defiantly use Toppr for preparation and studying.

Features of Toppr

  • It covers all the concepts and syllabi from classes 5 to 12 effectively.
  • Its free version is ads-free
  • Useful and curated content
  • Covers almost 50+ boards syllabus


Study Blue


Study blue is also an online learning platform built for college students they have an innovative approach to learning like buy using this platform you can share your notes with your community and you can create electronic

flashcards of important points and bullets which are stored on their cloud and whenever a new user comes and search for a related topic then your flashcards are shown to them furthermore, you can practice quizzes and

strengthens your knowledge and expertise. This iconic app is available on the play store, iOS, mac, etc. this app is downloaded more than 1 million times and it is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 only on the play store.

Features of Study Blue

  • Focus specifically on notes and digital flashcards
  • Wide collection of notes up to 500 million notes
  • You can track your progress by practicing quizzes
  • Customize flashcards with images and audio etc.


All recovery 

One of the best and my favorite products from google is google lens it is an image recognition AI-based tool that can bring relevant and authentic results from the google database by recognizing specific images.

If you are a student, you must use this free service from google, sometimes what happens is that we have to know something,

and the information is presented in pictorial form then it becomes difficult to search on google to get relevant information,

by using this app just scan the object with your camera that you want to know after that it will filter out the relevant result from google and show it to you


Office Lens


Office lens is also known as Microsoft official lens which is a collection of all the productive apps of Microsoft in one app like word, PowerPoint, excel, etc. You can use this app to convert documents into PDF, word, excel, etc.

furthermore, you can create whiteboard presentations to share screens for presentations online. You can convert your hard piece of writing to a soft one in one click. You can share your project with your desired people.

This amazing app has more than 10 million downloads and it is rated as 4.8 stars out of 5 only on the play store that’s huge right?

Features of office lens

  • Best productive features
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Lite-weighted and minimalistic.


Math way


Being high school or college students, we struggle in attempting math questions, right? But after installing math way math will be your favorite subject, whenever you failed to attempt a question just take a photo of that question

and just upload this on the app after that it automatically scans the solutions from the math way database and gives you a step-by-step solution to the question and makes you understand the concepts of the question.

If you are a serious student then math way can help you a lot with homework. This amazing app is downloaded more than 10 million times and it is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 only on the play store.

Features of math way

  • Wide collection of solutions to different questions
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Easy-to-understand solution
  • User-friendly interface



This is one of the most amazing apps I recently get to know that we all use WhatsApp, right? What happens is that when our friend just sends us a message and immediately deletes it then it becomes impossible to read that

message and this creates us irritate and suspense to know that message at the initial years there was no solution to these problems but thanks to WAMR today it is possible to see the deleted messages on WhatsApp without any

hindrance. Whenever someone sends you a message on WhatsApp it gets stored in wamr database and whenever that person deletes this message this app sends you a notification and from that,

you can see the deleted message. This iconic app has more than 50 million downloads and it is rated 4.6 stars out of 5 only on the play store

Features of WAMR

  • You can see deleted messages on WhatsApp
  • You can also see the deleted photos, videos, and audio on WhatsApp
  • Easy to use
  • Sends notifications whenever someone deletes messages on WhatsApp.



If you are a student studying then this app will save you money as well as time. What happens is that whenever we are given assignments from colleges we have to convert the hard piece of writing to soft or we need some

documents like passport pictures, id cards, or any other document in soft then what happens we rush to the market to scan these documents through the scanner and we pay a small amount for individual docs this process is time-

consuming and costly but with camscanner, you can scan any type of hard document in just one click by capturing a photo this app automatically scans in a premium quality after that you can share this document in PDF, JPEG,

JPG form. This app works on a freemium model it gives some of the features in the trial version after that if you get satisfied with the services you can subscribe to their premium service

moreover, this app has more than 100 million downloads and 4.9 stars rating only on the play store.

Features of Cam scanner

  • Scans the documents in good quality
  • Good features in the free version
  • User-friendly interference
  • Easy to use


Whats cropping

Well, this app focuses on one small problem which we all suffer in our day-to-day life that happens whenever we select a DP for WhatsApp or any other social media application the thing is that the app automatically cuts our

phots best part is to fit it into the DP space and yet we cannot upload a full pic on WhatsApp DP so this app solves this problem by using this app you can set your full pictures as WhatsApp DP without cropping the picture

furthermore, you can also edit your picture related to size, color, and orientation in this ap without shifting to any other app Moreover,

this app has been downloaded more than 1 million times and it is rated 4.1 stars out of 5 only on the play store.

Features of Whatscropping

  • You can set your full picture as WhatsApp DP without cropping
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Lite weight



This app is a masterpiece if you are a student you should try this, whatstarcker is an in-one tracking app that you can use to track your WhatsApp contacts who view your profile normally in WhatsApp there is the option of the

a number of persons who viewed your status but there is no option related to who view your profile so whastracker allows you to see the contact who viewed your WhatsApp DP.

Furthermore, you can share direct messages with the person whose number is not saved on your phone. moreover, you can place any unknown number in this app after that you will get the real DP of that person added so you can

also see the deleted messages. This app has been downloaded more than 5 million times and it is rated 3.8 stars out of 5 only on the play store.

Features of Whatstracker

  • You can perform a direct chart with the person whose number is not saved on your phone
  • You can get details of the person who viewed your Dp
  • See deleted messages.


Vani Meetings

This is also one of the most amazing and useful apps I ever used it is a screen-sharing app like buy using this app you can share your screen with your favorite person and whatever you do in this app all the activities will be visible to

that person. moreover, once you download and open this app it will generate a screen share link, and that link is shared with your desired person once he opens that link then your screen is visible this amazing app does not

require any signup or login process. Furthermore, this app has been downloaded more than 1 million times and it is rated 4 stars out of 5 only on the play store.

Features of Vani meeting

  • Share mobile screen with targeted people
  • Easy to setup and share
  • User-friendly interface


Q1: What are the best apps for a student?

Ans: well there are many best apps on various domains but talk about general the best apps are described above

Q2:Are there any useful new apps for students?

Ans: Yes there are new useful apps launching day by day for students like Mathway, photomath, camsccaner, etc

Final words

Lastly, I am confident that I’m able to give you good content regarding the Best apps for students In various domains just read the specifications of the above apps, and

I’m sure that will effectively help you in your student life. Kindly, visit Prowala regularly for new and awesome updates.

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