5 Best app to track anyone’s WhatsApp 2023


well guys we are living in the most amazing era of technology where the internet is very common and it is easily accessible to each and everyone on the globe and because of this many useful apps are launched in the market which

are helping people efficiently and effectively like, this one of the most used apps in our today’s life is WhatsApp which is by far the most used messaging app in the world and almost every person who is accessible to the internet uses it

for messaging, voice and video calling, etc. in addition to this majority of users of WhatsApp are young people below the age of 18 which means they are insecure using it, as they can be affected by cybercriminals, adult content,

bulling and scams etc. so it Is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children regarding their online activity at initial times it was difficult to do this but thanks to some apps are making it easier to monitor

anyone’s WhatsApp and even phone A to Z. so by following this I will also talk about the best app to track anyone’s WhatsApp in just a few clicks.

Why to track someone’s WhatsApp?

Now over here a question arises that why we need to track someone’s what’s an app, so the answer to this question is that today this messaging platform has been the world’s largest messaging app. Data published by many websites

reveal that WhatsApp is almost downloaded 5 billion times as of 2022 and it has more than 2.26 billion monthly active users from this you can imagine what’s the popularity of this app furthermore, this app is used to convey

messages, share different files, negotiate with clients, and many more so being an elder person or a parent we have to track our loved ones’ WhatsApp to see the various activities of that person

where he is getting indulge in scams, bullying,18+ content, or any other social issue so that we can save him/her from serious consequences.

5 best apps to track anyone WhatsApp

  1. mSPY
  2. Panspy
  3. Flexispy
  4. Wastat
  5. Family tracker



Mspy is one of the largest mobile device monitoring spyware which was created by London-based startup mspy after its amazing features it has gained huge popularity in the world. Furthermore, it is most loved by parents

because this tool you can trace your child’s online activity. moreover, it is used to track WhatsApp from this tool you can see WhatsApp messages, deleted messages and media, call logs, GPS location, chatting, contacts, and many

more. in addition, to it, you can also track your child’s other social media accounts and their A-to-Z activity. This iconic app is in the trial and paid versions you can test this soft aware after that when you will love

it you can buy its paid version with that, you can track your children on the map as well as you can listen to their calls.

Features of Mspy

  • It has the feature to track live location
  • You can get access to private calls and conversations
  • You can control a targeted person’s camera, GPS, etc.
  • You can even track internet browsing
  • You can block different websites on your targeted devices

Why to use Mspy

  • The most trusted tool for monitoring someone’s device
  • Affordable prices
  • Undetectable software by users



Another amazing app in the spyware industry is panspy which has been disrupted because of its amazing features related to tracking and monitoring any individual. by using this amazing tool you can track your child online

activities this innovative tool gives all the data of your targeted person like, call monitoring, GPS, text messages, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and online searches plus visited sites. moreover, you can control the app

and programs in the targeted person’s devices and with that, you can block the targeted sites as well without getting to know too that person, from this you can get an idea that what kind of interest your desired person has

furthermore, this amazing program has more than 1million users across 120 countries and it is rated 4stars.

The best thing about panspy is that it has a freemium model initial it gives free features of its program for 3 days after that when you loved the services then you can subscribe to its premium feature.

Features of panspy

  • You can effectively monitor almost all the activities of the targeted mobile phone.
  • It has a 3-day trial version to test it
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interference
  • No rooting required

Why to use panspy

  • You can track targeted devices without letting them known
  • It has an affordable subscription
  • You can monitor social apps regularly.


One of the best device monitoring tools I ever use in my life is Flexi spy which is I think the best spyware tool available on the internet. This tool has disrupted the spyware industry because of its amazing and innovative

features by using this tool you can monitor social apps, record and get access to a phone call with messages, track devices, live mobile preview, and graphically get alerts and reports. Moreover, this software lets you track your

child, employee, and girlfriend effectively. furthermore, this software offers another amazing service by using this you can order the preinstalled flexispy devices to your doorsteps.

according to a similar web, flexispy receives more than 1 million monthly active users.

Features of flexispy

  • You can monitor all the mobile activities smoothly
  • You can view mobile phone call recordings
  • You can listen to phone surrounding life
  • It can take video or photos through the phone camera

Why to use flexispy

  • It has the largest and more than 73 features related to devising monitoring
  • It is available on Android, iOS, mac windows, etc.
  • They have excellent customer services
  • Easy and straightforward to use


Wastat is another amazing monitoring app that is specifically built for WhatsApp users regarding tracking someone on WhatsApp like buy using this app you can track a targeted person on WhatsApp that when he or she is

getting online and how much that person remains online and whenever that person be online on WhatsApp this app sends you a notification. furthermore, this app is free of cost only available in the google play store once you

have installed this from the google play store open it and click on the right above corner and add the people you are going to track after that when your person will get bro line it will instantly send you a notification.

moreover, this app has more than 5 million downloads and a 4.2+ star rating on the play store and from here you can check the popularity of this app.

Features of Westat

  • Absolutely for free
  • You can track up to 10 WhatsApp contacts
  • User-friendly interference
  • You can collect online data for almost 30 days

Why to use wastat

  • It is used by almost 5 million users worldwide
  • It has more than 4.2+ star rating
  • It instantly gives you a notification when someone is online

Family tracker

The name family tracker gives us the idea that this app is only for tracking families and from here we can infer how tough a feature this app would be having the first thing about family tracker is that from this app you can track any

targeted person through an online GPS mapping system. Furthermore, you can track targeted persons’ social apps, call logs, messages, and online activity moreover, you can set a safe zone for that targeted person like you can block

different calls, messages, and online content. This app works on the freemium model in that initially it gives some of its services for free after that it charges some dollars for its services.

The sad thing about the family tracker is that it is only available for Android and iOS.

Features of Family tracker

  • You can access Instant real-live location
  • You can restrict or block different locations
  • You can access the person from GPS
  • You can access targeted persons’ mobile phone activities

Why to use a family tracker

  • Positive feedback from the majority of users
  • It has affordable prices as compared to other spy software
  • Easy and simple to use


Q1: Can we track other WhatsApp messages?

Ans: yes, you can track almost every message of a targeted user by any spy software

Q2: Is there any free app for WhatsApp’s last-seen tracker?

Ans: yes, there are many apps related to WhatsApp last seen tracker but the best one is wastat


Lastly, this is the era of technology and it’s our responsibility to track our employees or children related to their online activity to do this

I have mentioned the 5 best apps to track anyone on WhatsApp just read about these 5 best apps and select anyone, start tracking your loved person so that you can stop him from going odd.

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